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10 Ways To Save on Business Travel

While business travel expenses go back to your employer, there will be times when you are asked to spend conservatively on a trip. Whether it’s through preferred partners or making different choices for airline travel days, there are definitely ways to make travel more affordable for you and your employer. Here are our top 10 ways to save on business travel:

  • Travel on off days – if you can avoid it, don’t travel early in the morning of your meeting. Look for flights the day prior mid-day.
  • Travel with only carry-on luggage – save money (and time) when you don’t take a big checked bag!
  • Park off-site – it might take longer but in the long run, it’s so much less expensive to park off-site. Plan ahead to park and get to the airport early.
  • Book your rental car with a credit card that includes rental car insurance, then decline the offered insurance.
  • Travel via Groundlink, and enjoy safe and secure ground transportation to and from airports and during your trip
  • Stay at a hotel with a shuttle service – take advantage of the free transportation when you can!
  • Eat the hotel breakfast – unless you’re having a breakfast meeting, eat breakfast at your hotel. Fill up!
  • Make lunch your main meal – you can eat a lot less expensively at lunchtime and then have a light snack for dinner. Experts usually advise this practice anyway!
  • Document your trip as business-related for tax purposes. Even if you had in some personal side trips, if the main purpose of your travel is for business, be sure to track those expenses.
  • Follow your company’s travel policy and guidelines. There’s no reason to defer from them as someone has already spent the time and energy to research the best business practices for you.

There are a lot of ways to save money while on business travel. Implement some or all of them to keep the bottom line intact.

When making travel arrangements, remember that GroundLink is always here for you. Visit Groundlink.com to learn more about our solutions for corporate travel.

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