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2018 Midterm Election: Why you need to be there

As your safe, reliable, and first-class black car service, we want to guarantee that you make it to the polls. Your voice, opinion, and vote in this 2018 Midterm Election matter and we’re here to tell you exactly why. Read along to learn what’s at stake this 2018 Midterm Election, how you can impact this country’s future, and how Groundlink will get you there smoothly with an ON TIME EVERY TIME GUARANTEE.

To Get Started: What are the Midterms?

The 2018 Midterm Election is a vote for United States House and Senate seats, as well as governorships. The US Midterm Elections are held every 4 years and they occur halfway through every presidential term. This year, on November 6th, there will be 435 seats of the House, 33 Senate seats, and 36 state and territories governorships in the running.

Do people actually vote in the midterm?

In the 2016 Presidential Election, 157.6 million people reported being registered to vote in the US. Despite traditionally low voter participation in the midterms, a recent PEW Research study found a tremendous jump in interest for the 2018 Midterm Elections. PEW Research has stated that “61% of all registered voters say they are more enthusiastic about voting than in past congressional elections, higher than at any point during midterms in the past two decades, including at later points in those elections.” Furthermore, a record number of Americans, (800,000) registered on National Voter Registration day this September.

What biggest policy concerns in the upcoming election?

Debated policy changes revolve around immigration procedures, women’s rights, and gun use. We at Groundlink fully understand the impact of these issues on each of our customer’s lives and are fully invested in getting each and every customer to the polls to have a say in this 2018 Midterm Election.

Does my vote really matter?

Yes, no matter which party affiliation you belong to, your midterm vote will be a decisive factor in this countries upcoming policy changes. Additionally, this upcoming election will be a historic one. There is a record number of women (257) running for Senate and House seats this midterm election. Furthermore, on the state level, there are +6,000 state positions up for grabs.

Your vote will have a tremendous impact on not only Congressional issues but also state and local politics.

So, yes. Your vote definitely matters.

I want to be there!

Your vote matters and we at Groundlink want to help you take part in deciding the future of this country.

  • You can find your polling location by entering your address here.
  • Use VOTE2018 to get 10% of rides to the Midterms.
  • Book a ride with Groundlink here.

Plant your stake in this country’s future. On November 6th, Groundlink will help you get there.

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