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3 Important Considerations When Choosing a Car Service

Whether you’re a corporate travel manager booking trips or a road warrior closing deals, it’s important that you have a reliable ground transportation provider in your back pocket. Over the course of a standard business trip, employees need rides to and from airports, between hotels and offices and sometimes even to corporate functions. You may choose to chance it with a taxi, but the reality is that there will be times when taxis aren’t available or reliable.

“Certainly in the ground transportation and black car service space, we have seen significant changes, driven largely by quantum leaps in mobile technology,” said Dean Sivley, GroundLink’s chief executive officer. “The explosion of peer-to-peer car sharing services has also created new concerns for corporate travel managers, including a lack of regulation leading to security inconsistencies and the potential for employees being transported by uninsured or underinsured providers. Corporations need to strike a balance between providing employees with the flexibility and convenience they need, with duty of care responsibilities to mitigate risk.”

So how should corporate travel decision makers and busy business travelers go about choosing a car or limo service for their trips? It’s easy if you take these three essential considerations into account.

“One common problem for corporate travelers is the unavoidable surge rates associated with rideshare programs.”

1. Affordability and Availability
Two of the most important factors when picking between car services are cost and availability. When looking at traditional black car services, keep in mind that there may be layers of fees added onto the base rates, including metered rates, tolls, gratuity, fuel surcharges, wait-time rates and administration costs. These can often catch business travelers off guard.  Another common problem for corporate employees is the unavoidable surge rates associated with app-based ride sharing services, which can “surge” costs during peak times as much as two to three times the normal rate. Make sure you take all these considerations under review when examining the costs of various ground transportation options.

As for availability, it goes without saying that on a business trip, you don’t want to end up in a bind because your car company doesn’t have an available vehicle in the city where you’re doing business. On a similar note, you need a service that will be reliable and show up on time. Groundlink offers service in every major city, advanced scheduling features and guaranteed on-time pickup.

2. Safety and Duty of Care
One crucial consideration that often gets overlooked when it comes to ground transportation is safety precautions taken by the company. Travel managers should always find out if car services have the proper licenses, insurance and screening policies. In addition to being licensed to operate, commercial vehicles need to have insurance that will protect riders in the event of accident or injury.

The issue of driver screening has been a hot topic of debate recently, as a number of unfortunate incidents involving rideshare drivers were pushed into the media spotlight. To provide the highest level of protection possible for your employees, look into the driver screening processes used by different car services. The more thorough the background checks for drivers are, the more comfortable your travelers will feel and the safer they will be.

Flexibility is key when booking cars to and from the airport. Flexibility is key when booking cars to and from the airport.

3. Options You Need
When you’re on the road, you need a car service company that’s flexible enough to accommodate your changing schedule and also available in all the major cities to which you travel. When looking at various ground transportation providers, check their cancellation and wait time policies. Costs can add up quickly if you’re charged extra because of a delayed flight. It’s often beneficial if travelers have the option to change their ride schedule through a smartphone app or their tablet. Groundlink’s flexibility and booking options are just a few of the many factors that make it a go-to service for businesspeople around the world.

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