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6 Travel Tips for Traveling by Air with Gifts

Over the next few days, millions of travelers will take to the air to celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, and the New Year with family and friends. If your holiday plans include traveling by air laden with gifts, here are six helpful tips to save you time and avoid frustration at the airport.

1. Getting Through Security with Wrapped Gifts
While you may think you’re saving yourself time by wrapping gifts beforehand, those wrapped gifts may hold you—and the rest of the line—up with airport security. Although TSA guidelines allow wrapped gifts, it is discouraged. Anything deemed questionable during a package scan, or if you’re flagged for a random passenger search, will require that your perfectly packaged gift be unwrapped for inspection. Instead, consider wrapping your gift(s) when you arrive at your final destination or ship them direct.

2. Preparing for the Unexpected Bag Inspection
Transporting wrapped gifts in your checked bag does not exclude them from random security screenings. In the event your bag is selected for inspection, you may unpack your suitcase only to find your gifts have been unwrapped and the giftwrap unsalvageable. Pack extra wrapping supplies just in case you need a last-minute solution.

3. Transporting Tasty Treats
As long as you’re not attempting to smuggle weapons or drugs in them, baked goods, whole fruits, and even turkeys are permitted on domestic flights. When transporting a perishable item, TSA guidelines require that regular ice be completely frozen when passing through security (dry ice may also be used) and coolers meet carry-on dimensions. If you’re planning to gift your famous strawberry jam or canned pickles, make extra space in your checked luggage as these items will exceed the 3.4 oz. liquid/gel carry-on guideline.

4. Gifting Holiday Spirits
Wine and spirits are popular gifts this time of year. As long as your alcohol of choice is less than 140 proof, feel free to load up your checked bags. If you’d prefer to have your gift in your carry-on, remember that liquids are restricted to 3.4 oz. (or less) bottles when passing through security. You can, however, purchase full sized bottles of wine or liquor after you’ve cleared security.

5. Readying Gifts for the Ride
If you’re a seasoned traveler, you’re well aware of the rough and tumble adventure your bags go through once they’re checked. To avoid damage to gifts, take extra care arranging your suitcase. Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, or package wrapped items within a larger box including packing peanuts. You can also arrange items amongst folded clothing for added protection.

6. Lightening Your Travel Load
Laden with gifts and extra bags, why add the burden of airport parking to your travel plans. GroundLink’s ground transportation service makes getting to the airport on time a comfortable, easy experience. Book your holiday travel reservation now.



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