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A Business Traveler’s Guide to New York

Travelers who aren’t familiar with the Big Apple may be a bit overwhelmed on their first trip. The streets of NYC are always packed, the prices are high and the buildings are even higher. However, the big city has a lot to love if you know where to look.

Use this guide to NYC on your next business trip and you’ll be singing the city’s praises in no time.

Where to Stay
There’s likely someone in your office who can recommend a quality hotel with decent prices, so ask your travel manager or coworkers for their suggestions. It’s important to realize that a $300 hotel room in New York City may not be as nice as a similarly priced option in other cities, as accommodations are more expensive in the Big Apple. When you’re browsing for rooms, be sure to check out hotel reviews and use your company’s preferred hotel supplier, online booking tool or a booking website to find the best deals.

“The affordable rooms at The Standard hotel boast impressive views of the NYC skyline.”

If you’re not sure where to start, Travel Leisure magazine recommended The Standard, which has locations near the High Line and East Village. The rooms boast impressive views of the NYC skyline, and there are a number of quality dining options in each establishment.

For trendy and affordable accommodations on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge, check out the NU Hotel. The establishment draws inspiration from the artistic vibes of the community and is a popular spot for young business travelers. The hotel has bicycles for guests to rent, so you can explore the city on two wheels in your spare time.

If you’re more comfortable sticking with a hotel chain, IHG has several options for you to choose from in New York. There are IHG hotels at various price points and in prime locations, so you’re sure to find accommodations that fit your needs.

What to Eat
When it comes to eating in the city, you’ll likely be guided by your company’s expense policies as well as your own personal tastes. There are way too many great dining options to outline in one place, but if you want the best culinary experience the city has to offer, check out one of these restaurants.

The Spotted Pig, located in the city’s West Village, serves up dishes created by April Bloomfield, who took home the coveted James Beard Award for Best Chef in NYC in 2014. The restaurant specializes in seasonal British and Italian cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients. The Spotted Pig doesn’t take reservations, so they recommend you stop in for lunch instead of dinner if you don’t want to wait.

Another unique dining experience can be had at Le Cirque, located in Midtown. When you eat at this restaurant, you’ll enjoy high-end French cuisine from executive chef Raphael Francois in a flashy, circus-inspired atmosphere.

Grab a quick breakfast at one of NYC's cafes. Grab a quick breakfast at one of NYC’s hot spots.

If you don’t have the time to devote to a sit-down meal, you can still get a taste of the Big Apple at one of its many street vendors, food trucks, cafes or bakeries. CNN noted that visitors should try the grub from Lumpia ShackCalexicoDominique Ansel Bakery and Red Hook Lobster Pound.

How to Get Around
Skip the rental car when you head to NYC, as the traffic and parking situations make driving more of a hassle than it’s worth. There are many transportation options in the city, so it’s easy to get around without a car. If the weather is nice, you can likely walk from your hotel to restaurants or local attractions. Manhattan is the best borough for pedestrians, as the grid pattern makes it easy to navigate.

When you’re heading to client meetings or to the airport, your best option is probably to use a car or limousine service like GroundLink.

“In New York City, you can use the GroundLink app to schedule a ride ahead of time or use the ‘Ride Now’ option to book a car that’s in your area,” explained GroundLink CEO Dean Sivley. “Business travelers have the added convenience of booking ground transportation through their company’s corporate account and receiving e-receipts after their rides.”

These options make traversing the big city a breeze, so you can skip the gridlock and spend more time enjoying your stay.

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