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A Fitness Guide for Road Warriors

As a road warrior, you may find it difficult to make time to work out regularly. Long hours and time out of town can make it next to impossible to have any form of consistency when it comes to exercise.

While it can be hard to stick to a fitness regimen when you’re constantly on the go, staying active while traveling is critical to your health. If you have trouble working out while traveling, try some of these tips to fit some exercise into your next business trip.

1. Choose your hotel wisely
Perhaps the easiest way to work out while on the road is to choose a hotel with a fitness center. Even a treadmill and a set of dumbbells will go a long way when you’re traveling for business. If you can’t find a hotel with its own facility, try to find a place that’s located near a gym that offers day passes. It will be easier to motivate yourself to work out if there’s a gym in your building or just a block or two away.

2. Pack for success
If you don’t have any gym options in the area that you’re staying, don’t give up. By packing a few specific items, you can bring the gym with you. While a set of weights might be a little heavy to stuff in your carry-on, the Mayo Clinic recommended business travelers pack a jump rope, resistance bands and exercise DVDs. With these items, you can get a workout in from the convenience of your own room.

Choosing a hotel with a fitness center will allow you to workout around your business commitments.Choosing a hotel with a fitness center will allow you to work out around your business commitments.

3. Start your morning right
To stay fit while traveling, Forbes recommended waking up a little early to fit in a workout before you start your day. Even if it’s just 20 minutes in your hotel room, getting in some exercise in the morning will give you more energy for the rest of the day and keep you from stressing over whether you’ll be able to get in a workout later in the day. Wake up your mind with some yoga in your room, take a quick run around the neighborhood or whip out some of the workout equipment that you packed in your suitcase.

4. Take your coffee to go
An easy way to get some activity in is to get your coffee to go. Chances are that you’re going to indulge in a caffeinated beverage at least once a day, so instead of sitting in a cafe, walk around the neighborhood while you enjoy your drink. Even 10 or 15 minutes of walking is better than nothing, especially if it happens more than once a day.

5. Unwind at the pool
At the end of the day, a nice soak in the hotel hot tub can be a great way to relax. But before you settle in, hop into the pool and swim some laps. Swimming is a great form of cardio exercise, especially because it’s easy on your joints.

“Pass on the bar and choose an activity that will get you moving.”

6. Have a little fun
Fitness doesn’t have to be boring. Research the area beforehand and try to find some fun options that include physical activity. Go on a group hike to promote team bonding or try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding. Pass on the bar or restaurant and choose an activity that will get you moving in your free time.

7. Minimize travel time
Renting a car or finding a cab can take valuable time that could otherwise be spent exercising. Simplify your ground transportation and maximize your workout time by using GroundLink’s black car service.

“Choosing GroundLink is an easy way to streamline your travel plans,” said GroundLink CEO Liz Carisone. “Cut out the unnecessary hassle and let us deliver you safely and efficiently to your destination.”

GroundLink’s services are available for airport dropoff, airport pickup and everything in between. Book your ride with the user-friendly car service app.

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