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Airport Navigation: Denver International Airport (DIA)

Denver, better known as the “Mile High City”, boasts more than majestic mountain views and cool, crisp weather. Its airport (DIA) is a well-traveled stop for many business travelers and serves as a hub for several airlines. Navigating it is easy with the help of these tips – and if you have time between, before, or after flights, venture out for some beautiful sights.

Getting There…

As with most busy metropolitan airports, Denver boasts multiple ways to travel to it – via commuter rail, shuttle services, ground transportation options such as Groundlink, and many more. Also, on-site parking is plentiful and easy to navigate. This helpful map provides options for dropping off or picking up travelers as well as showing where parking options are in relation to the terminal.

Once You’re There…

Besides taking advantage of the breathtaking views out the windows in the Denver airport, you can rest easy knowing that the services provided are plentiful. Included are a water bottle refilling station, cell phone battery charging areas, and, most uniquely, a Canine Airport Therapy Squad. Volunteers take their registered therapy dogs on airport visits several times a month to provide surprise and delight to airport travelers. You can follow the Denver “CATS” daily schedules on Twitter at @DENAirport.

In addition to possibly catching up with a member of the CATS squad, there are over 140 shops and restaurants for you to visit during your time at DIA. Plus, Denver Airport houses one of the most well-respected art exhibitions in the United States. With art on display that represents gorgeous imagery of Colorado, you will enjoy strolling the terminals and taking it all in.

Leaving There…

Hopping on a plane or grabbing ground transportation is easy at DIA. Multiple options exist and you can’t go wrong with any of them. But plan your time well…DIA is the largest airport in the United States by total land area and the 6th busiest by travelers in the country.

Definitely stay ahead of the game, track your airline and flight for any delays, and take advantage of Groundlink and its transportation technology, which will allow you peace of mind as you plan your arrival or departure to DIA.

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