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Airport Navigation: Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA)

The closest airport serving Washington D.C., Reagan National Airport (DCA) sits next to the Potomac River in Alexandria, Virginia and across from the District of Columbia, offering awe-inspiring views of monuments as travelers arrive and depart the area. In addition, its close proximity to our nation’s capital means that business travelers can depend on quick access to downtown meetings relatively quickly – having a dedicated metro (light rail) stop as well as many ground transportation options (for example, Groundlink, the premier black car ground transportation service) means it is a highly popular airport.

Getting There Logistics

Three terminals serve millions of passengers annually. Getting there can be confusing to someone who has never traveled out of DCA before. Signage is clear but it is important to pay attention and know in advance which terminal you are traveling out of.

Fortunately, the terminals are easy to circle around and re-navigate if you need to. Check out the link for more information. Below is a map of the airport. Travelers should note that there is construction underway at DCA to better the traveler experience, as the number of travelers utilizing the airport has increased in recent years.

Image courtesy http://www.flyreagan.com/dca/directions-maps

Once There Logistics

DCA is a small enough size, fortunately, that each gate can be reached by foot. No need to utilize a train to arrive at your gate. Still, it is crucial to plan ahead in case of delays with parking or the metro. Download the D.C. Airports App to track security times, flight arrivals and departures, and more.

Dining and Shopping Logistics

Once you are through security and settled at your gate, and have a little time to kill, take advantage of the dining and shopping options available to you. The options are international in flavor and come with excellent people watching. Who knows, a powerful member of Congress could be heading out of town on your flight?

Flying in and out of DCA is a real treat, if only for the near-water landing and views of the monuments – take advantage of its amenities and enjoy the trip!

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