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Airport Navigation: St. Louis-Lambert International Airport (STL)

St. Louis-Lambert International Airport (STL) is a well-traveled and historic airport, serving Missouri and nearby locations. Founded initially by Major Albert Lambert (who flew with the Wright Brothers) in 1920 as an airfield, the location has continued to serve and grow with the local St. Louis population, now in its modern rendering as an international airport. STL now serves millions of travelers each year who are either there to “meet me in St. Louis” or pass through the terminals on their way to final destinations.

How to Get There

Located just over 10 miles from downtown St. Louis, the airport is easily reached by via ground transportation options such as Groundlink, the premier black car service, personal vehicle (parking onsite is plentiful), light rail, bus, tax, etc.

The STL website provides an excellent overview of the airport’s various levels, including not only parking, check in, and gate information, but shops and restaurant locations as well. Maps are provided for download and/or a link is listed for direct mapping via Google Maps.

How to Enjoy Time There

As with many modern airports, STL provides a variety of eye candy with its continuing art and culture program – there are both permanent and seasonal exhibits. Check out the program details and this year’s Gala fundraiser with the theme of “Northern Lights: Wonder of The Skies!”.

Not only can your eyes feast on the terminal art, but, you can feast upon the various dining and shoppingoptions at the airport. No shortage of variety awaits you, including local favorite choices.

How to Get Answers to Everything

You can’t go wrong traveling to, through, or from STL. Any questions you might have regarding the airport itself are easily answered via the website’s Services page, including details about a children’s on-site playground and areas for service dogs to relieve themselves.

So whatever your destination (and if it’s St. Louis and its Gateway Arch, enjoy the view!), STL airport is a gem of the Midwest with easy navigation and convenient and helpful services, dining, and shopping.

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