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Airport Security Update: What is CLEAR?

Seasoned airline travelers know that constant traveling means being well-prepared for airport security. Most, if not all, airline passengers have (or could have) TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry to speed their transition through security screening and international customs. Now, in addition to these options, there is CLEAR. By adding CLEAR to your litany of identification measures, which is complementary to TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry, you can arrive for your outbound flight and get through security with much less stress and worry.

What is CLEAR?

According to CLEAR’s website, CLEAR provides you with easy and smooth access through airport security through their dedicated lanes and CLEAR ambassadors. Applying for CLEAR in advance gives you the ability to check in with your boarding pass and with either your fingerprint or eye scan. There is no waiting in line with your identification. Once through the CLEAR lane, you are escorted by a CLEAR ambassador to the physical security check, where if you also have Pre-Check, you can go through screening without having to remove your shoes or belt. The convenience alone of the two items is quite satisfying! Image courtesy of CLEAR CLEAR

How does it work?

To qualify for CLEAR, you can enroll in advance of your flight/event and go to a location to complete your enrollment quickly. You must have identification as listed here. Currently, CLEAR is in play at over 30 domestic airports. There is no appointment necessary to enroll, and, according to their website, having CLEAR gets you through the airport security process in less than 5 minutes. Check out this video of CLEAR at work.

What does it cost?

CLEAR costs $15/month which is billed annually.

Is it worth it?

Having CLEAR makes your outbound airport experience a much smoother one. Having it in addition to TSA Pre-Check will make the entire process easier. Plus, children under the age of 18 traveling with you are able to go through CLEAR lanes as well, which can certainly eliminate certain stressors for a family traveling together. Want to make your entire travel experience an easier one? Consider also booking ground transportation on your way out of town via GroundLink, our high quality, on-time guaranteed black car service. Get on with your travel experience with easy door to door service. ]]>

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