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Avoiding Summer Driving Hazards

For many Americans, summertime means vacation: setting out on a road trip to your favorite destination.  However, driving is not always easy during the summer.  The professional, trained drivers at GroundLinkoffer these safety tips to help you avoid these common summer driving hazards:

Distracted Driving

A recent study by TrueMotion finds that drivers spend less time looking at the road and more time looking at their phones during the months of June, July, and August.  Distracted driving reduces reaction time and can increase the risk of accidents.  Avoid distracted driving by using your cell-phone for emergencies only, and don’t multi-task behind the wheel – don’t eat, adjust your car’s settings or play DJ.

Road Construction

Construction projects on roads nationwide peaks during summer months, causing backups, detours, and delays.  Avoid road construction by plotting your course ahead of time using a navigation app that monitors traffic.  No Internet service?  Thirty-five states now participate in the 511 system, a national traveler’s resource run by the Federal Highway Administration that allows drivers to receive real-time traffic information by dialing “511″ on their phones.

Bicycles, Motorcycles, and Pedestrians

These hazards can be difficult to see and often behave unpredictably.  However, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reminds us, “No one has sole rights to the road.  It is a shared space where we all have rights and responsibilities.”  Avoid bicycles, motorcycles, and pedestrians by giving them plenty of room, being aware of your car’s blind spots, and exercising additional caution at night or in residential or busy metropolitan areas.

The easiest way to avoid summer driving hazards?

Leave the driving to a GroundLink professional.  Our chauffeurs boast a minimum of two years of professional driving experience and are rigorously trained in defensive driving and safe driving practices.  Whether you are traveling for summertime fun or business, as usual, GroundLink can ensure you reach your destination quickly and safely.

GroundLink offers safe, reliable ground transportation and a quiet, comfortable ride, with transparent pricing that’s never metered.  Learn about The GroundLink Difference, check our rates or call (888) 546-6715.

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