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Best Apps for Business Travel Expenses

Gone are the days of worrying about keeping paper receipts in order and filling out massive amounts of reimbursement forms after a business trip. Today’s technology has evolved to include many expense reporting app platforms that keep your business expenses in order and make your reimbursement process incredibly seamless.

Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts is an on the go, customizable app for business expense tracking. It uses your phone to take photos of your receipts and generates professional reports in either PDF or CSV formats. Smart Receipts “white label” allows you to truly customize your experience and makes tracking easy for on the go businesses and individuals.


Zoho is more than an expense tracking app. It also has a built in CRM tool and sales and marketing tools for an upgrade cost. Zapier.com says that Zoho is the best app to use for travelers who use company credit cards – the linked up accounts make accounting easy to track and gives updates for managers at home offices almost immediately.


Expensify makes expense reimbursement work incredibly automated. Users take photos of receipts and reimbursements can happen within a day or so. Managers can input travel policies so that any amount over a certain limit is flagged for approval. Users accounts can also be linked to other apps so that usage on travel can be automatically tracked and inputted.


Coupa is a full service expense reporting app that tracks mileage, receipts (via photo), and frequently used vendors (like GroundLink). In addition, Coupa has a voice assistant so you can track expenses and reminders on the go. Reminders and GPS are built in so that if you have a meal at a restaurant Coupa will ask if you have a receipt to log in. Cost-wise, Coupa requires a quote to get started.


These are but a few of the many apps on the market for business expense tracking. For a variety of needs, though, these apps can help you or your business travelers make their travel and expense experience much easier and more seamless.

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