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Best Beaches on Long Island

Long Island, which stretches out east of New York City into the Atlantic Ocean (and Long Island Sound) is a popular (and close by!) summer destination for borough residents. Home to both the tony Hamptons and wineries as well as state parks, all of which are near the surf, Long Island offers a variety of beaches that can make anyone’s getaway dreamy.

Fire Island National Seashore

A quick ferry ride to this small strip of land off of Long Island is worth it. Fire Island, known for its fun community, incredible beaches, and powerful surf, has the Atlantic on one side and Great South Bay on the other.

Jones Beach State Park

If you’re inclined to do ocean swimming, then Jones Beach State Park is the place for you. There are over 6.5 miles of beach plus lots of fun for families, all built in a planned community.

Shelter Island

Likely the most exclusive beach in Long Island is on Shelter Island, reachable only by ferry from the Hamptons. Small, secluded and protected by the Nature Conservancy, Shelter Island is a once in a lifetime experience.

Long Beach

Closest of Long Island’s beaches to Manhattan is Long Beach, a draw in and of itself. What else is a draw? Clean sand and a fun boardwalk.

Coopers Beach

High end Coopers Beach, located on Long Island’s Southampton, is consistently ranked high on the best beaches list in the U.S. Why woudn’t it? Bright white sand, good waves, and lounge and umbrella rental service.

Montauk Beach

Affectionately called “The End” by locals, referring to its location on Long Island, Montauk has several beaches that are wonderful for surfing, beach combing, and more. A visit to the nearby lighthouse can break your beach day up and give you breathtaking views of the area.

Getting to Long Island might be difficult on a Friday night in the summertime, but, it’s worth it. These are just a few of the best beaches in the area. Why not set aside a weekend to explore them all?

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