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Best Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is often looked past when planning a trip, but smart travelers know that having it can make the difference between an enjoyable trip and a potential disaster. Whether you might experience the sudden loss of a loved one, a change in business plans, or a possible weather situation, having purchased travel insurance can give you a peace of mind while out on a personal or business trip. 

Before purchasing travel insurance, it’s best to do your due diligence: consider what types of coverage you need, your trip cost and length, compare various plans to decide which is best for you and your needs, and look at costs. Reading the fine print is very important as well — know what you might receive as compensation in any situation.

Important considerations to bear in mind when comparing travel insurance companies: does the company allow you to extend your insurance mid-trip? Is there medical coverage? What coverage do you have in case you have to stay abroad longer than expected? Do you have to have a reason to cancel the insurance? 

Some of the best travel insurance, recommended by ConsumersAdvocate.org, include: 





Generali Global Assistance

Still, even when recommended by experts and vetted by researchers, it’s important that you compare various options to decide what works best for you. Costs can vary – decide what you can live with if you do end up in a scenario where you would have to cancel. 

Travel is largely dependent on factors that you cannot control – life happens. And so with it the addition of travel insurance, those “what if” situations can be a lot less stressful, allowing you the chance to relax and enjoy your trip, or, get your business taken care of without additional worry.

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