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Allow BRIO to Save You Valuable Time Every Time You Book a Ride

It’s 2018, so why are you still experiencing issues and headaches while trying to book a ride? Even though technology has been advancing quickly over the past several years, ride services have lost customers simply because they failed to build their technology around human interaction.

A mobile dashboard that puts all of your car booking information in one place, BRIO has been designed to make both scheduling and traveling easier from start to finish and everywhere in between. Created with the input of both travel arrangers and travelers themselves, BRIO streamlines travel booking with a deep understanding of what travelers need and the challenges they face when going from here to there.

Booking a Ride to the Airport Should Never be a Guessing Game

Figuring out when to leave for the airport in order to catch your flight (without getting there too early) can sometimes feel like a complicated calculus. With the BRIO dashboard, you may input your flight information during booking and our flight tracking tool suggests your pickup time based on traffic and recommends arrival time for the airport to ensure a comfortable check-in process. You may even input how early specific passengers like to get to the airport before their flight departs.

 Quickly Book Rides on Both Ends of Your Flight

Make it a round trip in one booking. Link your rides and have the convenience of automatic adjustment for pickup and drop off if your flight schedule changes. Associate your car travel with either commercial flights or private flights, and stop worrying about changing your pick-up or drop-off times each time your air travel is affected by weather, delays, or other factors. Or, if you prefer to stay in charge, enter your pick-up or drop-off times manually.

Airport Pickup with Flight Tracking

We will track your flight and adjust pick up time-based on early arrivals or delays so you don’t have to wait. It’s easy to account for baggage claim and other airport delays in order to avoid wait time fees. We understand that air travel can be unpredictable in ways that can leave you sitting on your luggage in airport lobbies or standing on the curb. BRIO is able to track where you are so that your ride can be predictable even when your flight is not, minimizing stand-around time at the airport.

 Saved Rides

Because we understand that many business travelers take repeat trips, BRIO has the capability of saving previous ride information. For future bookings, BRIO will already have your history and preferences preloaded, including saved locations and rides, significantly shortening the booking process. If you believe that you will be making a similar trip in the future, or if you need to return the same way that you came, you can save your preferences so that booking next time will be even faster and more efficient. Whether you want a Ride Now® or a Scheduled Ride, BRIO meets your demanding and dynamic work life.

Fast & Reliable Ride Booking at Your Fingertips

BRIO was designed to make your life easier. By eliminating repetitive steps normally found in ground transportation management, BRIO allows you to personalize and streamline the experience every time.  Each time you use BRIO, you are not only ensuring that you can get from here to there as fast and efficiently as possible, you are also making it even easier to use BRIO the next time you (or your travel arranger) schedules a ride.

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