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Business Travel and Summer Weather: Helpful Hints

Business travel at any time of the year can come with its share of headaches — overbooked flights, long layovers, and more. But throw in severe summer weather and travel becomes incredibly unpredictable: pop up thunderstorms and tropical storms can cause a domino effect for both departures and arrivals, and create havoc for anyone on the road. But preparing oneself with careful planning can help to make summer business travel a more pleasant and hopefully easier experience.

Book Direct Flights

Don’t forget that booking direct is not the same thing as non-stop. A non-stop flight will get you to your destination without stopping, while direct flights might make stops along the way to your final destination! While more expensive, choosing early morning non-stop flights before the temperature has gotten too hot (which can create conditions for severe weather) will give you better chances for different travel options if there is a delay. If you must choose a direct or connecting flight, do so, if you can, the day before you need to travel, which gives you a bit of flexibility in case of any delays.

Check the Weather Everywhere

While making sure your flight is scheduled to depart on time is a great first start, also checking the weather at your departure and arrival cities (and anywhere in between) is a great tip. While the weather on the coasts might look wonderful, there could be severe weather in the middle of the country. The cascade effect of flight delays is felt all over the country.

Choose Your Airport Wisely

Certain airports are known for having more weather-related delays than others. It would be a good idea to do your research when planning your travel. Choosing an airport that is less busy over the summer or is known for more options if there are weather issues is a good plan.

Give Yourself A Break: Choose GroundLink

If you have your finger on the pulse of your travel plans, then you know that parking your car at ANYairport can be a hassle, as can the car rental process at your final destination. Avoiding that will give you ease of mind and make handling any weather issues that arise more manageable. GroundLink provides on time and high-quality black car service with an easy to use app.


Implementing these tips, especially planning ahead, can create a better overall travel experience and give you more peace of mind as you hit the road for summer business travel.

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