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Company Outing Checklist: Vail, Colorado

When planning your next company outing, do consider Vail, Colorado. Why Vail? Vail is a small town in Colorado that offers some of the most beautiful views, impressive ski trails, and relaxing resorts, hotels and cabins throughout the United States. Whether you’re looking to treat your staff to a nice winter ski trip, a summer mountain retreat, or a simple weekend getaway to reward your team, Vail has you covered. Here are a few things to consider while planning your company outing to Vail, Colorado.

What to Consider: Your Company Outing Checklist

It’s important to have company outings from time to time to reward your team and show them you appreciate their hard work and dedication toward your organization’s success. A trip to Vail, Colorado is a great way of boosting employee engagement even further, and saying thank you. But, before your team heads to Vail, it’s essential that you or your travel manager consider the following:

  • How big is your team? Total number of travelers?
  • Ideal Date & Length of Trip – week or weekend getaway?
  • Transportation Management – Flights? Airport Pickup? Ground Transportation?
  • Vehicle Type Necessities – Sedans? Buses? Limos? How many?
  • Looking to ski or snowboard with your team?
  • How many skiers & snowboarders vs non-skiers/snowboarders?
  • Research ski passes – review daily, weekly, and resort packages.
  • Research & choose a resort, hotel or cabin that offers special services to your specific team.
  • Review Reservations – hotel, restaurant, & event/tour reservations.
  • Confirm All Reservations!


What to Do in Vail, Colorado

Vail is known for its luxury ski resort, but what separates Vail Ski Resort from your typical ski resort is that many simply view and accept it as a luxury resort. In other words, non-skiers enjoy Vail nearly just as much, if not more, as avid skiers! This is because there’s tons of activities, places, and things to do in Vail – including both beginner & advanced ski trails during the winter, all types of restaurants, shops, exciting bars and nightlife in one beautiful village, scenic daytime hikes, mountain tours, and year-round breathtaking views just about everywhere you look.

Get out there and treat your team to Vail’s amazing, relaxing atmosphere!

Your Colorado Private Driver

Planning a company outing or work event in Vail? GroundLink would gladly manage your corporate ground travel in Vail, CO. Let us drive you there!

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