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Coordinating Ground Transportation When Experiencing Flight Delays & Cancellations

A flight delay or cancellation can throw a wrench into your travel plans, whether you are flying to an important meeting or taking a much-needed vacation with your family. Even a flight delay of a few minutes can cause a chain reaction of missed connections and headaches–rendering even the most well-orchestrated plans obsolete and useless.

Ground Transportation Issues After a Flight Delay

Many types of ground transportation have drawbacks when it comes to flight delays.

If you have scheduled a traditional black car service or limo service to pick you up, a delayed flight often means getting into contact with the service, who then needs to relay the message to their driver. This is an added stressor for you — and could mean even more added wait time as the service scrambles to reschedule your pick up.

If you choose a taxi service at the airport, you don’t have to deal with scheduling or re-scheduling a ride when you land; however, you may deal with extremely long lines to wait for a cab, plus sub-par comfort and service when compared to a black car service.

If you chose a rideshare company, such as Uber or Lyft, you will also face a wait on the curb while a driver is located and then finds you at your location. Again, although you don’t have to reschedule your driver after your late plane lands, you do have to request a ride upon landing and then wait. Also, like taxi services, with rideshares, you deal with less professional service and less comfort.

Coordinating Ground Transportation with GroundLink After a Flight Delay

At GroundLink, we track your flights as you travel, and make changes to your ground transportation needs as necessary, guaranteeing that you will have a ride waiting for you, no matter when you reach your final destination. We keep in close communication with our fleet of drivers and vehicles, and their on-boarding technology means that we can get a ride to you no matter when you land.

Even if you didn’t book the trip yourself — no worries. Your travel booker will also get up-to-date information on your location and transportation situation in real-time to make certain that your trip goes as smoothly as possible even taking delays and cancellations into account.

Remember: if you need help with your ground transportation at any time, need to change your plans, or just have a question, you can contact GroundLink at any time, either on the web, through the app, or by calling our 24/7 Customer Support team.

Start Booking Your Ground Transportation with GroundLink Today

One of the big reasons travel can be stressful and exhausting is because when things go wrong, you’re often put in a bind and your plans are put into jeopardy. At GroundLink, we specialize in making certain that no matter what happens on your trip, your high-quality, professional ground transportation is right around the corner when you need it–even when your schedule is thrown for a loop.

To learn more about our services, please get to know us or book a trip today.

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