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Why Should You Download the GroundLink Mobile App?

The GroundLink mobile app allows riders to be in control. This award-winning application is built to better enhance your booking and travel experience. Through the app, you have the ability to quickly book a ride, find immediate transportation with GroundLink’s Ride Now®, track your ride, and much more.

For any of your car service needs, the GroundLink mobile app is a necessity to download and below are our top three reasons why:

Ride Now®

Have you ever been in need of a quick ride to get you to your final destination, but don’t want to sacrifice quality service or comfort? If you are in a rush and need a ride fast, GroundLink has you covered with Ride Now®. Choose Ride Now® through the mobile app and the closest GroundLink vehicle will be on its way to pick you up. Available in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Austin, this service provides you the ability to schedule a ride and receive it within 15 minutes or less. You can also enjoy reduced wait times and rates in Toronto, New Jersey, Long Island, and Southern Connecticut. Having the ability to request and schedule an on-demand, black car service right at your fingertips, landed Ride Now® on our list.

Advanced Ride Technology

The GroundLink app is loaded with ride technology used to enhance your overall mobile experience. Through the app, you are able to directly connect to your driver via a secure hotline, obtain driver identification showing the driver’s name, car number, and car type prior to picking up, and receive e-receipts post-ride. The GroundLink mobile app offers fast booking services, which allows you to book a ride in 60 seconds or less. Additionally, request pick-up and drop-off services using ride history or nearby venues, addresses, and airports. All of the available ride technology built into the GroundLink mobile app personalizes your experience with your ride and driver.

Real-Time Tracking

How great would it be to be able to track your ride right in the palm of your hand? With the GroundLink mobile app, you are able to track your car before and during your ride on a real-time updated map. There is no need to worry if you are in the right pick-up location. No more phone calls to your driver asking what cross-street they are parked. Have full visual of your driver before pick-up and during your travel ensuring you are on the best route back to your destination.

 Be in Control

The GroundLink mobile app allows you to be in control of your ride at all time. Book rides in advance or on-demand with Ride Now®, track your ride in real-time, visually see your driver’s name, car type, and car number before you even being your travel, and much more. Download the app to experience your personal, black car service right from your pocket. Experience true quality and comfort right at your fingertips.

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