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Driver Tips of the Month

To make you successful and to help you earn more, we’re highlighting tips that we believe will make you standout and impress passengers!

Tips For Our Major Airports: Curbside Pick-Ups

Your Driver app will alert you when your customer’s flight lands – please expect the customer to call you and arrange where to meet.

After the given landing time, if the customer has not called you within 10 minutes for domestic flights or 20 minutes for international flights, please start driving slowly toward the pick-up area while calling the customer, asking them about their location.

Clear communication is the key.

JFK & EWR Airport

Curbside pick-ups at JFK & EWR are easy! 

The waiting area is a cellphone lot, so when the customer calls tell them, “I will be there in 7 minutes,” since that’s how long the ride from the cell lot is. 

Hold the namesign from the driver app clearly visible.

LGA Airport

Curbside pick-ups at LGA are always a challenge:

You have to park at Terminal B. When the customer calls, tell the customer, “Go to the departures level and then exit and go to the right and walk to the parking garage. I am waiting at parking spot E10.” 

Hold the namesign from the driver app clearly visible.

HPN & TEB Airport

Curbside pick-ups at HPN and TEB are a breeze!

For commercial flights at HPN, you just need to pull up curbside to arrivals section after the customer has arrived.

For private flights, get to your location early to make sure you are at the correct FBO. Give the tail # to the security personnel at the gate to gain access.

Proceed to park your car and place your driver sign on your window, visible to where the customer will exit. Then walk inside the airport to the front desk and explain to the agent:

“My name is John Smith and I am from GroundLink. I am picking up passenger Jane Doe who is on flight #123. My phone # is 917-123-4567.”

Then go back to your car and wait for the customer.

BOS Airport

Boston Logan mandates that the customer walk out to where the driver is parked in the outside lane parking spots.

Tell the customer, “Exit through baggage claim, walk out door #2, and you will see me with your namesign.”

ORD Airport

Please call the customer ASAP!

Once the customer lands, start moving since it could take you up to 20 minutes from the cellphone lot.

Tell the customer to exit at the lower level, where you will be waiting at the outermost curb.

Hold the namesign from the driver app clearly visible.

Dallas Airports

For DFW pick-ups, please wait at the cellphone lot and when the customer calls you, proceed immediately to the agreed upon pick-up area. When you approach the terminal, hold up your driver sign so that the customer can find you easily.

For DAL pick-ups, please park in the Ground Transportation area, instruct customers to exit from arrivals and walk to meet you at your vehicle.

Houston Airports

For IAH pick-ups, you must check-in with airport security and show your pick-up manifest, vehicle and driver permits, and get a green ticket.

Then proceed to wait at the pick-up area, designated for limos near the airport exit. Make sure your driver sign is visible to the customer for an easier pick-up.

At HOU, all pick-ups are inside.

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