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Effective Methods to Avoid Jet Lag

Traveling to visit family and friends during the holidays is fun and exciting. But if traveling includes airline travel across different time zones, you can expect to feel jet lagged after your arrival to your destination (or when you return home). If you know that you’ll be heading east or west during your travels, plan ahead with these effective methods to avoid the exhaustion and disorientation you might feel once you land.


Drink plenty of water for several days prior to your trip. Airplane travel is incredibly dehydrating. Your system can be thrown off for days if you aren’t hydrated enough. Plan to drink 64 ounces of water or more before your head off on your trip, during the flight (8 ounces per hour is the recommendation) and also at your destination.


Switch your clock to your new time zone before your head off. You can change your mind set before you go and think about how you’ll catch up with your sleep. Sleeping on the plane can be difficult for some people, but plan to bring an eye mask, earbuds or noise-canceling headphones, a neck pillow, and a blanket — all of these can help you relax and help you rest.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Before you head out and during your flight, do your best to avoid too much caffeine and alcohol. You might think that caffeinating would be good to stay  up until your new local time, but the repercussions are further exhaustion. Alcohol can definitely make you sleepy, but, it is also dehydrating. Stick with sparkling water with lime for something a little fancy.


When you arrive at your destination, try to reset your inner body clock with exercise. Fresh air can do wonders to help you counteract jet lag and feel like yourself.

There are effective, simple ways to avoid jet lag – implementing them early can provide you with a better overall experience and a fun trip.

Sit Back & Relax with Groundlink

Jet lag is rough, but we’re here to make it easier. After your flight, enjoy a reliable and relaxing Groundlink ride. We will be there to provide you with a secure trip and an ON TIME EVERY TIME® Guarantee.

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