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Family Fun in the Hamptons

While the draw might be the beautiful beaches, there are definitely a plethora of options to keep everyone in your family happy on a trip to the Hamptons, especially for those families that want to be more active or add some education to their trips. Here’s a quick guide to some ways that your family can enjoy a well-rounded trip to the Hamptons:


As already noted, the beach, sand, and ocean surf are a great way to spend any length of time in the Hamptons. Beaches are family-friendly (you might have to pay at some and parking can be at a premium, so check out this list before heading out) and the waves vary from each location, so choose a beach that works for your family and set up for the day.


The Children’s Museum of the East End (CMEE) and South Fork Natural History Museum (SOFO) are both fantastic rainy day options for your family. CMEE appeals with its mantra that learning begins with play. From art exhibits, hands-on rooms, and a variety of fun camps, CMEE has something for everyone. SOFO is a beautiful museum providing nature exhibits, a trail system, and hands-on opportunities to touch and learn.


If your family has energy to burn, there are many ways to take care of that. You can take a ferry to Shelter Island and explore the protected Mashomack Preserve. Back on mainland, There are wildlife refuges to visit, including the Wildlife Rescue Center, the Quogue Wildlife Refuge, and the Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge. Or, if you’d prefer to take the family on an eco-adventure, you can rent canoes or kayaks and explore the many inlets and calm waters throughout the Hamptons.


A hard day of play demands a sweet treat at the end. A comprehensive list of the best ice cream shops in the Hamptons is here. If you crave more of a cookie or baked good, check out this list of bakeshops in the Hamptons (the photos alone can make your mouth water!). Perhaps you’re more of a healthy eater? You can go and do some berry picking to finish your day off with some freshness. Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries ripen at various points throughout the summer – here’s a good round up of local pick your own farms.

If you’ve made it through the day in the Hamptons without being thoroughly exhausted, maybe finish up with a quick stop at one of the many family-friendly wineries in the area. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the sunset with a glass of vino and a happy family.

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