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(FHV) Vehicle Transfers

Are you a licensed TLC driver that is looking to switch bases? Then, you will need to apply for a FHV Vehicle Transfer. Once the vehicle transfer has been completed and your vehicle passes inspection, you will be able to start operating out of your new base.

In order to complete your transfer as quickly and smoothly as possible, below is a short guide on how to complete a FHV Vehicle Transfer through Groundlink.

Steps for GroundLink Vehicle Transfers:

Getting Started:

  • Email Fleet@groundlink.com to begin the transfer process.
  • GroundLink will then schedule your transfer from our TLC base(s) portal.
  • We will receive your appointment confirmation letter immediately.

What to bring to your appointment:

  • You will be required to bring that confirmation letter to the TLC Long Island or Staten Island office.
  • Groundlink will also provide you with an affirmation form, signed by our authorized signatories, with the following information:

1. Your new base name

2. Your new base number

  • On the affirmation form provided, you will also be required to enter the vehicle and the owner information (such as the Vin#s and the owner’s name).
  • You must bring your insurance certificate and level of coverages, your registration, and your driver id.
  • You will pay a $25 transfer fee.

Post Appointment:

  • You must then go to the TLC inspection facility to remove the previous company’s decals on the dashboards and on the sides of the vehicle and replace them with Groundlink’s base information – (name and number).

*You can find a DMV-Regulated inspection facility here.

*After passing this inspection, your transfer will be finalized.

Your transfer is finalized! Now what?

  • You will need to complete Tri-annual Inspections

*For the safety of all passengers, NY taxi vehicles are required to undergo tri-annual “safety and emission inspections”. You must inspect your vehicle at a NYS DMV approved inspection station every four months. You do not need to have another DMV inspection at the TLC inspection site until your next renewal. For more information, follow the link here.

We can help you transfer your FHV Affiliations 

GroundLink provides assistance to drivers who want to transfer their FHV affiliations by offering to pay the $25 transfer fees. To learn more about transferring your FHV affiliations to GroundLink, please contact our Fleet department at Fleet@groundlink.com

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