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GroundLink Car Service: ‘the Ultimate’ Private Car Service for the Business Traveler

GroundLink leverages proprietary technology to make booking, tracking and paying for car service rides seamless.  With multiple booking options, a guaranteed on-time pickup policy, availability worldwide, competitive pricing, multiple vehicle types and integration into Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Online Booking Tools (OBTs), GroundLink is the ultimate ground transportation choice for business travelers and travel arrangers.

To assist with traveler safety and duty-of-care best practices, GroundLink has developed industry-leading technology including providing travelers with a link that contains the driver’s picture, name, car model, car number and vehicle location in advance of the car’s arrival; and, also providing the traveler with the ability to track their ride in real-time on a map.  In the instance of a travel arranger being involved, the travel arranger can see on a real-time updated map all of their account’s travelers’ arranged rides that are in-progress in the Corporate Account Center.

While there are many reasons for choosing GroundLink, the following are the top 10 reasons why GroundLink is a better solution versus solely on-demand car services for business travelers, travel arrangers and the companies they work for.

#1- Scheduled, Confirmed, and Personal Reservations

With GroundLink, rides are scheduled in advance of pick-up (and are also available on-demand in NYC). We understand that time is a valuable currency and there is no need for you to pay with your time, waiting for your car to arrive. With advance reservations, just schedule your car when you want to be picked-up and we will be there (normally a few minutes early).  We are so confident in our reliability, we offer the car service industry’s only on-time pickup guarantee; if we aren’t there within 5 minutes of your pick-up time, your next ride is on us.

Both the pickup and drop off addresses are requested when making the reservation so you can easily get in the car with confidence and the driver knows exactly where to take you, no questions asked.  Additionally, you will also benefit from our SMS messages and mobile app as described above, to know where your driver and vehicle are and even before they are on-location.

So when you need a ride to the airport or your meeting at 5AM, you don’t need to wake up early and hope that a car is available and for a reasonable price- after all, hope is not a strategy!  Go to sleep knowing a luxury car will pick you up on-time, and knowing how much you will have to pay before you even get there.

#2- Pricing Transparency

During the booking process, prices are quoted in-full avoiding any billing surprises upon ride completion.  By booking ahead of time, no matter what the weather is outside, whether raining or snowing, or if there is an event in town, the price quoted at booking is the price you will pay at the end of the ride.

GroundLink minimizes the potential frustration of wait time charges for passengers and their companies through a variety of automated features in our service model.  First, our SMS text messages remind travelers that their car is on-location so that the traveler is aware their car is waiting.  And just before wait time charges are about to start (after 10 minutes of complimentary time for standard pickups, 30 minutes for domestic flights and 60 minutes for international flights) a reminder SMS is sent.  Additionally, if we are picking you up at the airport, our flight tracking software monitors your incoming flight and adjusts the pickup time accordingly to when the plane actually gets to the gate so your car is there when you want it.  Ultimately, our experience has shown that wait time is a small percentage of a well-managed travel program and far more controllable than uncapped surge pricing and the hidden cost to the traveler of waiting for their car.

#3- All Fully Licensed, Background-Screened, Professional and Experienced Drivers

Your safety is our priority! GroundLink’s drivers are all properly licensed and undergo a full screening process inclusive of background and employment history checks.  Drivers are constantly evaluated on post-ride survey scores, technology usage, on-time performance and more.

#4- Full $5M Liability Insurance Coverage Whenever You are in Our Vehicles

As we said, your safety is always our priority!  In addition to our driver selection process we ensure all of our vehicles are regularly inspected and fully insured so that all maintenance standards are met.  Equally important, should an accident occur with one of our rides, GroundLink carries a $5 Million Public Liability Insurance plan to cover passengers whenever they are in one of our cars.

#5- Multiple Booking Options

For corporate travelers and travel arrangers, GroundLink is already integrated into GDS and Online Booking Tools helping to make all of your travel-related bookings easy and completed all in one place.  Or perhaps you are on the go and want to book a ride through our award-winning mobile app, or you prefer going online to our website GroundLink.com, or you want to speak to a person and pick up the phone to call us, GroundLink is able to process your reservation however you choose.

#6- Worldwide Reliability

We are your local car service provider throughout the entire United States AND…in 110 countries worldwide. In 2013 alone, we executed rides in over 80 countries.  So booking a ride in New York City is the same easy and seamless experience as it is in London, Shanghai or Tokyo!

#7- Customer Support 24/7

Need to modify your ride (even if you booked through the mobile app, the web, or Online Booking Tool)?  Have a question about our service?  Don’t want to leave a message with an automated machine? GroundLink’s customer support hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with a team of specially trained agents to answer calls and assist our customers.

#8- Corporate Accounts

With a FREE corporate account, receive a customized GroundLink experience for your company.  Corporate accounts are assigned to a Customer Success Manager who is available as a point of contact for any questions about GroundLink’s service and technology, and can be used as a resource to help you develop a successful managed ground transportation program.  Additionally, GroundLink corporate accounts have access to custom booking tools and are eligible for volume based discounts.

#9- Tools for the Travel Arranger

GroundLink provides all corporate account administrators with access to the Corporate Account Center, a central web-based dashboard.  Tools in the Corporate Account Center include a view of upcoming and completed rides, a real-time map of rides in progress, a breakdown of their account’s top passengers and their overall ground transportation spend making managing a ground transportation program feasible.

#10- Dedicated Events Team

Many corporations need to run events for internal and external clients.  Coordinating event ground transportation doesn’t have to be challenging and unmanaged. Our corporate meetings and events department is available to help organize ground transportation for even the most complicated and large corporate gathering or customer event.

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