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GroundLink Debunks Four Common Car and Limo Service Myths

Chauffeur car and limo service has often been seen as a luxury, and pricey, service provided for top executives or only used by companies for special occasions.  But chauffeur car service can be affordable, customizable and manageable, see below as we debunk four car and limo service myths.

Myth #1- Chaueffeur Car Service Has a One Size Fits All Model
Not all chauffeur car and limo service companies are the same.  While traditional car service companies focus on VIP service at top rates there are affordable car service options like GroundLink that offer multiple vehicle options including sedans, SUVs, Mercedes-Benz, and vans at different price points in order to best meet the needs of travelers. Car service doesn’t have to be pricey in order to be a reliable service for frequent business travelers.

Myth #2- To Book a Ride I Must Call In My Reservation
GroundLink is transforming the way that ground transportation is booked.  While reservations can be made over the phone, GroundLink also offers seamless bookings through our newly redesigned website, groundlink.com as well as through our award-winning mobile app available through the App Store and in Google Play.  Additionally, for the corporate business traveler, bookings can be made through all GDS and Online Booking Tools.  No matter where you are or what your preferred method for booking, you can always expect the same consistent service.

Myth #3- It is Hard to Find Providers with Consistent Service Worldwide
GroundLink offers best-in-class operations so our customers enjoy consistent service worldwide.  We currently operate across the entire US and in 110 countries worldwide.  In 2013 we were proud to have executed rides in over 80 countries. From fully screening our drivers, to regularly inspecting vehicles, to evaluating all rides with a post-ride survey to customers, GroundLink is able to ensure that a top quality service is being provided all the time.

Myth #4- Ground Transportation is Not a Major T&E Spend Category
According to a study by Concur, ground transportation is the fifth highest T&E spend category superseding car rental spend.  While it has frequently been an overlooked area, car service can be a source of savings when managed.  With multiple vehicle options and a Corporate Account Center for travel arrangers where they can view upcoming and completed rides, top passengers and total ground transportation spend, GroundLink helps travel arrangers gain insight into this previously hard to manage category.

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