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‘My Groups’ Feature Keeps Employee Travel Schedules Private

Today, employers face an intricate web of federal, state, local and international privacy and data protection laws to keep not only their customer information safe, but also their employee information. Depending on the nature of your business, the travel schedules of high-level executives may be particularly sensitive information. According to The Wall Street Journal, ransom “has become a lucrative source of funding” for criminal and terrorist groups targeting employees.

GroundLink understands the responsibility companies shoulder to ensure employee information, including travel schedules, is protected. With this in mind, a new feature—My Groups—has been seamlessly incorporated into the account dashboard to give travel administrators greater control over who can see employee travel schedules within their company. With My Groups, travel arrangers and executive assistants can easily view and manage the ground travel activity for those executives that they regularly book travel for (as opposed to being able to see everybody in the company).

Manage Passengers & Rides Quickly

‘My Groups’ saves time by eliminating irrelevant ride information from the screen.  With fewer names to scan, travel arrangers can easily identify the executive(s) they regularly schedule for, track active reservations in real-time, and manage spend, without getting bogged down with information from other travelers.  The new My Groups feature allows schedulers to work smarter, not harder.

How to Access & Use ‘My Groups’

1. Select the “Create a Group” link.
2. Click “Add User to Group” and search the list of people who have been using GroundLink. If the person is not on the list, add the new traveler by inputting their contact information.

Once a Group has been established, the designated travel arranger will have easy access to each selected passenger’s profile including ride history and pending reservations.  ‘My Groups’ also provides upgraded filter capabilities enabling improved search efficiency.


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