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High-Touch Brio Features Now Available on Android

GroundLink’s newest mobile technology is available for Android users in the Google Play store! Now you have the ability to manage your ground travel anywhere in the world. Book Rides, view your complete ride itinerary, add favorite locations or stops to your profile, manage payments, or book a Ride Now (in select locations) all from the palm of your hand.

Mobile App Features

The Brio app is filled with the same high-touch features that are found on the website. Factoring in the simplicity and mobility the app has to offer, travelers and travel arrangers alike are provided with a user-friendly interface that is easily accessible whenever needed.

Ride Tracking

Brio’s ride tracking technology allows for complete visibility on past and ongoing rides. View previous drop-off locations, track your current ride in real-time, and always know your ETA.

Saved Rides

Brio has the capability of saving previous ride information. For future bookings, Brio will already have the history and preferences preloaded, including saved locations and rides, significantly shortening the booking process.

Multi-Step Booking

Booking a ride for an event or flight and know when a return trip is going to be needed? Make it a round trip in one booking and link your rides to have the convenience of automatic adjustment for pickup and drop off.

Flight Tracking

Input your flight information during your booking process on the mobile app, and we will track your flight and adjust pick up time-based on early arrivals or delays so you don’t have to wait. It’s easy to account for baggage claim and other airport delays in order to avoid wait time fees. We understand that air travel can be unpredictable in ways that can leave you sitting on your luggage in airport lobbies or standing on the curb. Brio is able to track where you are so that your ride can be predictable even when your flight is not, minimizing stand-around time at the airport.

Fast & Reliable Ride Booking at Your Fingertips

Brio was designed to make your life easier. By eliminating repetitive steps normally found in ground transportation management, Brio allows you to personalize and streamline the experience every time.  Each time you use Brio, you are not only ensuring that you can get from here to there as fast and efficiently as possible, you are also making it even easier to use Brio the next time you (or your travel arranger) schedules a ride.

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