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Hotel Hacks to Make Your Business Trip Feel Homey

There are plenty of perks to traveling often for business: you get to see the country (or the world), benefit from frequent traveler perks, and escape some of the monotony of the workplace. But on the other hand, traveling can feel lonely and uncomfortable, especially if you do it a lot.

Here are our best hotel hacks for making all of your business trips to come more homey and comfortable, no matter how far away from home you are.


  • Ditch the hotel literature. Hotel rooms are filled with reminders that you are in a hotel, from branded notepads to brochures to no smoking signs. Take all of this literature and put it in a drawer right away, making your room immediately warmer and less commercial.


  • Travel with your pillow. A soft, known item from home can go a long way in making your stay better. A pillow or throw not only makes you more comfortable, it also often smells like home.


  • Pack your cozy slippers. Sure, they take a little extra space in your bag, but having your own bedroom slippers in your hotel room makes you cozier while also adding an extra detail that makes your stay feel more personal–not to mention that you don’t have to feel that scratchy hotel carpeting under your feet.


  • Unpack your clothes. Even if you are only staying for a night or two, take the time to unpack your suitcase and put your clothing away in your drawers and your closet. Go the extra step, and put your suitcase in the closet and out of sight.


  • Invest in a white noise machine – or app. Hotel sounds can be extremely distracting and also harm your chances of a good night’s sleep. Luckily, there are plenty of travel-sized white noise machines around, or, if you’re in a pinch try a white noise phone app or YouTube channel.


  • Don’t forget about the air. Bad odors, or simply foreign odors, can make you feel less at home. Frequent travelers don’t leave the house without small candles, air fresheners, or travel-sized air purifiers. You can even buy a simple pillow spray to make it easier to breathe easy and sleep better.


  • Bring a framed picture. You have framed pictures of your loved ones at your home and office–why not in your hotel room? Pack a picture of your partner, your family, or even your pets to place on your nightstand or desk, no matter where you are working.


  • Stick to your routine. Sometimes traveling can make us feel bad just because we are thrown so out of our routine: eating junk food, not sleeping, not exercising. Sometimes the thing that can make us feel the best while on the road is sticking to a regular schedule, eating the same foods, and sleeping at the same times.

Transition from Hotel to Airport Without Any Headaches with GroundLink

Here’s another thing that can make traveling for business more comfortable: use the same black car service every time to ensure timely, safe, and professional transportation to and from the airport, as well as all around town. To learn more, or to schedule a ride for your next trip, contact us today.

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