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How to Eat Right When Traveling

You’re waiting to catch a connecting flight when hunger strikes. There’s a vending machine to your right and a fast food chain to your left. What do you do?

Making healthy food choices while traveling can be difficult. But with a little bit of planning and foresight, it’s completely possible to eat right on the road.

Plan for Success
One of the major pitfalls of healthy eating during travel is snacking. If you don’t have the time to sit down for meals at regular intervals, grabbing a quick snack is an easy solution. However, not just any food will do.

To avoid junk food when you’re in a rush, be sure to pack some healthy options before you leave your house or office. Nuts are a great choice, as they provide plenty of protein that will keep you feeling full longer. Fruits that have thick skins, like bananas and oranges, also travel well and will help with any sugar cravings. Nutrition bars are valid options, but be selective. Many bars come packed with extra sugar and other additives that your body doesn’t need.

Packing nuts and fruit in your carry-on bag can help you to avoid unhealthy snacks while traveling. Packing nuts and fruit in your carry-on bag can help you to avoid unhealthy snacks while traveling.

If you do get stuck picking from a vending machine, don’t panic. Dr. Keith Ayoob of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine told Travel + Leisure magazine that nuts and popcorn are good choices in that situation, and trail mix or a granola bar can also do in a pinch. He recommended finishing off the snack with a stick of gum to keep your mouth and mind busy until you can sit down for a proper meal.

When traveling by plane, be sure to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will help ward off mindless snacking by making you feel more full. Instead of buying an expensive bottle of water at the airport, bring an empty reusable container in your carry-on bag and fill it at a drinking fountain once you pass through security.

When staying at a single location for more than a day, Conde Nast Traveler recommends trying to book a room with a mini fridge or kitchenette. Being able to eat in for a meal or two will allow you to have greater control over portion sizes and ingredients.

“Start the day off with a healthy breakfast.”

Start Your Day Right
Starting the day off with a healthy breakfast is a critical part of eating well while traveling. Try to find something that has a good combination of protein and carbohydrates is key so you begin your morning well-energized. While the ever-popular free continental breakfast is less than ideal, it doesn’t necessarily have to be avoided. Registered dietician Bonnie Taub Dix told Travel + Leisure magazine that she recommends opting for whole wheat toast – if available – and topping it with some kind of nut butter rather than jam. If you can find travel-sized containers of your favorite nut butter, it doesn’t hurt to bring some along with you in case it isn’t provided by your hotel.

Not a fan of toast? If you have a mini fridge, stock up on some plain Greek yogurt. Going Greek gives you more protein than normal yogurt, which will help get you through the busiest mornings. Because flavored options typically come high in sugar, buy your yogurt plain and then add fresh fruit for flavor.

Make Time for Health
When it comes to healthy eating, time is key. When you’re in a rush, you’re far more likely to make poor food choices. So let GroundLink help free up time on your travel itinerary. Save time by using our car service app to arrange for your airport car service rides. Not only will using the app save you time while you plan your trip, having a GroundLink driver waiting for you will help you get you to your destination safer and faster than ever.

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