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How To Enjoy Your Time At The Airport

If you’re like most air travelers, you’d probably agree that time spent in an airport is often less than ideal. Even if you happen to escape the one-in-six chance of experiencing a major disruption on any given trip, you’ll still have to deal with the never-ending lines at check-in, security, the food court, and during the boarding process just to get onto your flight.

And even when you’re not standing in line, you’ll find yourself immersed in a stressful environment, complete with commotion and noise from every direction, uncomfortable seating, public wi-fi functioning at a snail’s crawl, and a lack of power ports. While the general public has come to accept the chaotic airport terminal as an unavoidable part of travel, it certainly doesn’t have to be this way.

Hidden Havens At The Airport: Airport Lounges
This is where airport lounges enter the equation. In today’s noisy and overcrowded airport terminals, airport lounges are truly the last bastions of comfort and tranquility. Behind those frosted glass doors, you’ll find a host of all-inclusive amenities to enjoy in a peaceful and private setting. With business centers, speedy wi-fi, a plentiful supply of power ports, comfortable chairs, snacks and beverages, and helpful staff who can assist with delays, the modern airport lounge is the ideal environment for travelers to relax and unwind before their flight. While these exclusive spaces may appear to cater only to the privileged and well-traveled, the truth is: you already have access.

Find airport lounges wherever you travel for a one time fee.

To get started, simply download the free LoungeBuddy app (available on iOS and Android), the most comprehensive, all-in-one resource to discover, book, and access your very own airport lounge oasis. With LoungeBuddy’s unique instant booking feature, you can purchase access to your very own airport oasis with just a few taps on your smartphone, all for as little as $30. It takes less than 60 seconds to purchase lounge access once you’re at the airport. Partner lounges are located in major airports across the US, UK, Canada, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

“Find a host of all-inclusive amenities to enjoy in a peaceful and private setting.”

Some of you may be thinking: “But what if I already have lounge access?” If this is the case, then LoungeBuddy can help you figure out the best lounge to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for a refreshing shower after that red-eye flight or luxurious spa treatment before you board. Simply select your elite statuses, lounge memberships, and premium credit cards within the app, put in your itinerary, and LoungeBuddy will display a list of all the lounges you can access, along with reviews, ratings, directions, a list of amenities, and photos to help you decide where to go.

With the ability to instantly book lounge access and find information on more than 2,000 lounges in over 600 airports worldwide, LoungeBuddy is the perfect app to help make your travel experience infinitely better.

Get $15 In LoungeBuddy Credit
We have teamed up with LoungeBuddy to provide GroundLink customers with a limited number of $15 credit codes that can be used towards their first booking with LoungeBuddy. To claim your $15 credit, simply download the LoungeBuddy mobile application, create an account and enter the code “groundlink” when prompted. The offer is first-come, first-serve.


Terms of the offer:
Valid for first-time LoungeBuddy customers only. Offer subject to availability and can be redeemed using the LoungeBuddy iOS or Android mobile app which can be downloaded at www.loungebuddy.com/app. Offer cannot be combined with any other first-use offer already redeemed. Use of LoungeBuddy requires registration and is subject to the terms of use, promotional code policy, and privacy policy. Offer valid at participating locations. For a full list of instant booking partner locations, please visit www.loungebuddy.com/locations.


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