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How to Improve Your Cruise Experience

The fact that you usually travel for business doesn’t mean that you can’t travel for pleasure too. Cruises are the perfect vacation for the busy businessman or woman who wants to slow down and spend some time relaxing. If you’re planning a cruise in the near future, taking a little extra time to prepare can help to optimize your experience.

Prepare for Relaxation
Nothing can add stress to a vacation like unexpected fees. Whatever the destination, make sure you look for hidden costs when booking your trip. Cruise lines can sometimes surprise guests with unexpected expenses after they’ve already paid for their tickets. When comparing options, be sure to read the fine print. A particular cruise might appear to be cheaper than another, but the more expensive option might include excursions, drinks and other extras that many basic packages don’t offer. Once you add all those additional costs up, you might find that the more expensive option is actually a better deal.

“Use a travel agent to avoid booking problems.”

To avoid hidden fees and other unexpected problems, you might want to consider using a travel agent. Although most people think that the best prices can be found on the Web, Travel + Leisure reported that you can actually get a better deal from travel agents, as they often receive notice of special offers not advertised online. They can also get you extras that you may not be able to get on your own.

Whether you book your trip by yourself or work with an agent, consider purchasing travel insurance. The security provided by travel insurance will not only cover you in case something unexpected comes up and derails your travel plans, it will also make the weeks leading up to the trip less stressful. Always be sure to compare the cruise line’s insurance with third-party options. You may actually get a better deal from an outside source than from the company with which you’re traveling.

Once your plans are set, make sure you pack appropriately. Always check the cruise itinerary to determine how many formal events will be held so you bring enough dressy clothes in addition to your swimsuits and flip flops. On top of sunscreen, a camera and other necessities, Fodor’s Travel recommended bringing a thumb drive that contains electronic copies of important information like your passport and boarding passes. Knowing that you have copies of everything in case something is lost will give you extra peace of mind so you can focus all of your energy on relaxing.

Minimize stress leading up to your vacation by using a travel agent and <a  data-cke-saved-href=Minimize stress leading up to your vacation by using a travel agent and car service.

Ensure Peace of Mind as You Leave
Before heading out the door, make sure that you’ve prepared your home for your absence. Royal Caribbean recommends you set a timer for you lights and you possibly set a radio to turn on while you are away so that the house doesn’t appear to be empty. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up your mail and newspaper. Newspapers piling up on the front porch is a clear sign to potential burglars that you are away.

To start your relaxation as soon as possible, arrange for a black car service to take you from your house to the port, or an airport car service to pick you up at the airport to take you to the port. GroundLink takes the stress out of ground travel by providing a car service app that lets you arrange for transportation in advance.

“At GroundLink we partner with leading cruise lines including Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises to ensure that their travelers get to and from their cruise,” said GroundLink CEO Liz Carisone. “If you are travelling with either company or any other cruise line, all you have to do is book a ride with GroundLink, and we’ll make sure you arrive at your destination in comfort and style.”

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