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How to Safely & Properly Transport Your Skis & Snowboard

It might be March, but ski and snowboard season is hardly over. Until resorts stop making snow and call it a season, you can still take advantage of the slopes and enjoy the thrill of downhill fun. If you are able to personally drive yourself to nearby slopes, then you can attach your equipment in or on your car via a secure rooftop carrier or a hitch and head out. But what if you plan a trip that requires a flight and ground transportation? Being prepared to transport all your gear is crucial and can make your trip a great deal less stressful.

Transporting Skis and Snowboards on Airlines

Each airline has a specific policy for how they treat skis and snowboards as luggage. Here’s a good round up of multiple airlines’ policies. Generally, skis and snowboard baggage is considered normal checked baggage. You can purchase specific luggage to transport your equipment that will keep it safe amongst all the movement to and through an airport and mid-flight. It’s recommended that for ease of movement through an airport, you utilize ski and snowboard luggage that has wheels. Imagine carrying it on your shoulder for a potentially far distance? Recommended bags can be found here and here.

To save yourself some money, you can pack your ski or snowboard boots in your carry on luggage. Yes, they take up a lot of room, but, losing your boots would be less than ideal. Pack your clothing around your boots and go from there. You can plan ahead to roll your clothing and outerwear (what fancy stuff do you need while skiing?) and shove it in and around your boots as well as in your actual checked ski or snowboard gear luggage.

Transporting Skis and Snowboards on a Car

Once you reach your destination, and you don’t have a rental car, how can you safely and properly load up whatever vehicle is picking you up? It’s tricky – if you are an avid skier and you have your own vehicle, you would likely already have a rooftop carrier or a hitch set up to make transportation smooth and safe. If you are renting a car, check with your rental company to see if they will rent you a carrier or a hitch. But in the case of having a service, such as GroundLink, pick you up at the airport, what do you do?

With GroundLink, you’ll be able to make your reservation and prep in advance to ask for a larger vehicle in which you can store your skis or snowboard. Fortunately, if the equipment is already in its baggage, then it won’t be wet or messy. Be sure to clarify that you need everything safely stowed in the vehicle lying down.

The final solution to all of this is to ship all your gear in advance to your final destination. Takes the stress out of airport transfers and vehicle loading. But that option can be pricey. Do your research so that your trip goes seamlessly and you can hit the slopes quickly upon arrival.

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