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Improve Your Ratings

Ratings determine your standing with GroundLink and higher ratings help you get better jobs! Follow these simple steps to improve your ratings and earn more!

1. Dress professionally – Wear button-down shirts, slacks, and nice shoes whenever you’re on duty. We frown upon t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers! You never know who you’ll be driving
2. Arrive on time – Use the Waze app to make sure you’re on the best route possible. GroundLink offers clients a 100% On Time Everytime guarantee. If you cannot make a job on time, please notify dispatch immediately so we can cover the job.
3. Keep your car clean – Make sure you clean your vehicle every day to ensure a fresh start! After every client, quickly clean the inside of the vehicle before making your next pick up.
4. Pay attention – Some jobs have special requirements. Make sure you review any notes or instructions left by the client.
5. Go above and beyond – Create a special experience for your passenger by opening the door, handling their luggage, and having phone chargers and water bottles available. Small gestures could lead to better ratings!
6. Stay calm – Always be patient and polite with your client.

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