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Make Your Airport Pickups Easy, Fast, Comfortable and Worry-Free with GroundLink

For many frequent travelers, getting to their final destinations after their flights arrive can be the most stressful part of their trips.

Just imagine:

  • Standing in a long time waiting for a taxi when you have an important meeting to make, or hoping there will be one available if your flight arrives late.
  • Finding out the car app service you were hoping to use is in 3X surge, meaning the cost is now triple what you expected to pay.  Or worse, no cars are available due to high demand.
  • Worrying if the car you ordered will still be there, because your flight’s been delayed for two hours and you still have checked luggage to claim once you arrive. Or worse, your car is there and you’re on the hook for 2 hours of wait time.
  • You are traveling internationally, and you’re worried that you may have trouble finding reputable, safe car service at a fair price in the city(s) to which you’re traveling.

GroundLink can help you avoid the delays and hassles of airport pickups and also help you avoid wait time fees and other costly surprises.

  • With our automatic flight tracking, we adjust your pick-up time based on the actual time your flight arrives.  As soon as you arrive, you’ll get a text message with details on your pickup and a number that connects you with your driver.
  • Want some extra time after you land before you’re picked up?  No problem!  With GroundLink you can adjust your pickup time from the time you arrive at the gate, up to 2 hours after your flight arrives.*
    • Checking a bag?  Select “pick me up 30 minutes after gate arrival” to give yourself some extra cushion.
    • Making your way through customs after an international flight?  Select “pick me up 45 minutes (or 60 minutes) after gate arrival.”
    • Keep in mind, the time you add is in addition to the complimentary grace period GroundLink offers.
  • GroundLink provides a 30 minute complimentary grace period for domestic flights, and a 60 minute grace period for international flights.

Traveling internationally?  GroundLink is available in major cities throughout the world. Simplify your travels bybooking your airport transfers with GroundLink and we’ll be there to pick you up on time, every time.  You’ll get a confirmed price when you book, plus you won’t have to worry about having local currency to pay the driver.

* The above times are recommendations; please select times based on your personal preference.  Wait time fees will not accrue until you’ve exceeded both the additional time you select, plus GroundLink’s 30 minutes of complimentary wait time for domestic flights or 60 minutes of complimentary wait time for international flights. Please note that if you decide to adjust your pickup time that the driver may not be on location when your flight arrives at the gate.

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