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Manage Events of 5 or 500 Vehicles from Anywhere in Real-Time! Here’s How.

We hope by now you’ve heard the news about GroundLink’s all-new Events dashboard! Our Events dashboard, combined with our dedicated Event Management Team, is the answer to many of the issues travel managers face as they arrange transportation for groups both large and small. Here are some of its key features, and how to use the Events dashboard below.

Manage Your Events from Anywhere with 100% Mobility on Multiple Devices!

Our new Events dashboard provides a 100% on-the-go solution that is critical for event planners, who can create events, monitor and modify rides, download real-time manifests, and adjust unlimited fleet customization straight from their tablet, phone, desktop or laptop – wherever they are.

Access, Download, & Print Updated Manifests Straight from Your Pocket with 24/7 Global Tracking Ability!

In our Events dashboard, the event manifest is constantly updating. From here, you can open, edit, download, share, and print up-to-date manifests from wherever you are; which makes it easier for travel arrangers and event planners to track rides quickly. And remember, you have 24/7 global tracking ability, so you’ll always have access to the latest ride information, and know where your passengers are at all times.

Prepare for VIP Passengers with our VIP Arrival Alert!

If you’re planning a significant event with influential VIP attendees, you can track their rides and automatically receive a VIP Arrival Alert, via SMS text message, once that passenger is ten minutes away from the event. This way, you’ll be prepared to greet your executive passengers or quickly process a large number of attendees coming off a bus, limo van, SUV, or sedan.

How to Use the New Events Dashboard from GroundLink!

Please go through our Events manual below. As always, please contact us if you have any questions!


Choose the event account from the header and your active events will be listed in Events:

Brio Events

REQUEST A QUOTE and events@groundlink.com will revert within one business day

request a quote


create an event

  • Select the account associated with the upcoming event
  • Each event name on the account must be unique, annual or repeat events can be distinguished by using the year or date with the event name (My Event 2019)
  • Select Billing Option
  • The event description will be displayed on the overview and can be edited at any time
  • The start and end date should include all rides billed to the event, including staff that might arrive early or depart late
  • Primary Event Contact: Select Event Planner(s) that will be receiving 10 min out and indicate if they should be receiving VIP Arrival Alert

VIP Arrival Alert

MANIFEST / RIDES TAB lists all event rides

manifest rides tab


To add the ride to the event, go through the usual booking flow and when on the payment page

  1. Choose event name
  2. Ride type (arrival / transfer / departure) is optional. If chosen, manifest will be created accordingly
  3. Choose VIP Arrival Alert to send a 10 min out SMS to the Event Planners selected when creating an event

add a ride to event

DOWNLOAD MANIFEST – download latest manifest

download manifest


Once all jobs are closed you can download event invoice in Excel or PDF from INVOICE tab. If you are using event form of payment, your event invoice will be shown and can be downloaded here. But if you are using account form of payment, your account will receive a monthly invoice that can be viewed in BRIO Invoices tab

download invoice


View / Edit your event or event planners

Events overview


Request a Demo of the Events Dashboard Today!

No event is too large or too small for GroundLink to handle. Whether it’s an event of 400 cars or a meeting with a prominent executive, trust GroundLink for all your event planning needs.

Explore GroundLink’s new Events dashboard here. Contact us for more information or request a demo today!

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