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Navigating the Nation’s Busiest: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

You might think that an airport in California, New York, Texas or Florida would be the nation’s busiest. If you do, you are unfortunately incorrect. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has been ranked as the nation’s (in fact, the world’s) busiest airport by passenger volume since 1998. On average, 275,000 people travel through the doors of ATL every day. If you have a trip coming up that takes you to or through Atlanta, there’s no need to panic at the thought of a mob scene. The Atlanta airport is run efficiently – you just have to be prepared to go with the flow:

Plan Ahead to Map Your Route

If you’ve been to the Atlanta airport before, you know that its terminals are connected by multiple trains in addition to walkable corridors. Helpful information to research in advance: if your connection is in a separate terminal, figure out how to get there as quickly as possible. You can look at a map of the airport to visualize where you’ll be landing and departing from.

Besides specific maps of the terminals, there are maps that list out shopping, dining, ground transportation, and parking, so if you have a plan, you should be able to figure out your way around easily.

Hire Expert Ground Transportation

Locals know how to navigate the Atlanta streets the best (with some of the nation’s worst traffic it’s important to know the back ways!) and the same can be true with getting to the airport itself. One way to get there is via the public train transportation system. MARTA has a line that terminates at the airport, and you can grab it from any number of stops throughout metro Atlanta. At times, however, MARTA is crowded or slow, depending on the time of day.

Another option is to hire black car ground transportation via GroundLink. Our expert drivers can get you to your ticketing and check-in gate quickly and safely, and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of figuring out the train system.

The official Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport fact sheet claims that “Atlanta is within a two-hour flight of 80% of the United States population.” Combine that with the 2,700 arrival and departures the airport sees on a daily basis, and you can see why it is the nation’s busiest. If you’re heading to ATL, prepare yourself accordingly, plan to do some walking, ask questions of the helpful staff, and hope that all the pieces of the puzzle come together for a seamless trip.

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