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Preparing for a Red Eye Flight

Red eye flights: Sometimes your flight booking is at the mercy of your travel agent. Sometimes they are less expensive. And sometimes, they are your only option. Preparing in advance for a red eye flight is a good idea, as you don’t want to go into the flight feeling less than 100% – plus, you want some good plans while on-board as well to make the flight as easy as possible. Here are some helpful tips for making the best of a less than ideal situation:

Hydrate // No Alcohol

Before you head to the airport, be sure you are drinking plenty of water. We all know that airplanes are dehydrating, but, when you are off your normal nighttime routine, you might feel even more “off”. Chug the water in advance and while on board. Do not drink alcohol though. Not only will it also dehydrate you, but, it’s initial calming and sleepy effects will wear off pretty quickly. Water equals good. Wine equals not so good.

Sleep Can Happen

Besides being well-rested in general before a red eye flight, plan ahead for your onboard sleep. No, it won’t be as lovely as your bed at home, but, you can try your best to get some rest. We suggest a combination of any of the following (test out your favorites before heading to the airport, don’t just buy these at an airport store on your way!): noise canceling headphones, a neck pillow, and an eye mask. Put yourself into the most comfortable situation and you’ll reap some benefits from it!

Comfortable Clothes

This goes almost without saying: dress comfortably! You can still look stylish and also be cozy with some clothes and shoes that really help you relax. Also bring another layer to wear on the plane, which will likely be chilly.

Get To The Airport Without Stress

Don’t head out your front door feeling anxious and stressful about your red eye flight. Book car service in advance with Groundlink, which will pick you up on time, every time, and get you to your flight with ease, comfort, and safety. One less to deal with (parking!) takes the initial anxiety off your plate and can make your transition to your red eye flight even better.

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