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Ride Now®

Ride Now is available in these markets:

  • New York – Manhattan, New Jersey (Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Union, and Middlesex counties), Long Island (Nassau County), Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, and South Connecticut
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Dallas, Fort Worth
  • Houston

Take on Ride Now jobs!

Find out which Ride Now zones are in your city!

When there is a Ride Now request in your area, a screen will appear with an audio alert saying “You have a new Ride Now offer. Please respond immediately!” Once you hear the alert, you have 45 seconds to accept it. The job is offered to many drivers, and the first one who accepts and is closest to the pickup location will be assigned the job.

Once you’re rewarded the job, you must go to the pickup location right away as the customer is waiting for you.

Earn more!

Ride Now jobs are a great way to fill up your schedule if you’re waiting for your next scheduled ride. There’s no wait, and 75% of RideNow jobs are high value, out of town jobs! They’re a great way to make extra earnings throughout the week.

Doing scheduled rides is essential, but we need drivers to take on Ride Now jobs. From now until November 24, 2017, for every two Ride Now jobs you perform in a week (Sunday-Saturday), you’ll earn a $20 bonus on your next check.
You can increase your availability for Ride Now offers by positioning yourself in areas with high rider demand.
Demand is indicated on your on-duty map, with high demand areas shaded red with 3 flames and low demand shaded pink with 1 flame. Areas with no demand have no shading.
*Please note that the heat map feature is not available in all cities.

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