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Road Warriors Share their Pet Peeves in GroundLink Survey of Frequent Business Travelers

With the holiday travel season around the corner and business travel on a steady climb, the clash of the casual holiday traveler and the road warrior at the nation’s airports this time of year is inevitable. To find out the pain points of frequent business travelers during the busy holiday season, GroundLink polled 5,000 of its frequent business traveler customers to find out what they had to say.

Worst Day/Days to Travel
Nearly half (45.5%) of those polled said the day before Thanksgiving is the day to avoid business travel “at all costs.” The week between Christmas and New Years, was cited by 25% of those surveyed as a time they most avoid travel.

Biggest Stress Trigger
When it comes to the biggest trigger for stress, weather and weather related delays take top honors (43.2%), closely followed by being stuck in traffic on the way to the airport (31.%)  Surprisingly, only 9% cited being stuck in a long security line behind inexperienced travelers, and only 2% worry about being trapped in a center seat.

Worst and Best Cities for Airport Traffic
New York claims the dubious honor of having the worst traffic getting to and from the airport (45.5%), followed by Los Angeles (22.7%) and Chicago (13.6%) The city with the easiest ride to the airport was Miami (25%) followed by Dallas (13.6%) and a three way tie for third; Atlanta, Denver and San Francisco (11.4%)

Holiday Travel Pet Peeves
When it comes to business travel during the holidays, business travelers are almost equally opposed to having a coughing/sneezing seatmate (34.1%) as they are to sharing their flight with a crying baby (29.6%).  The dreaded seat recliner in front and the chatty seatmate tie for 3rd place among pet peeves, cited by 11.4% of respondents.

Road Warrior Travel Tips
To help alleviate the stress during the holiday rush at the nation’s airports, GroundLink offers these six travel tips for Road Warriors:

Plan Ahead and Leave Plenty of Time   
It’s better to relax at the gate than anxiously wait to get through TSA Security, hoping to make your flight. The general rule of thumb is allow at least two hours before departure during the holidays.

Don’t Leave Your Airport Transportation to Chance  
The holiday season means gridlock warnings for many major cities, so don’t hope a car or taxi will be available on demand.  Even if it is, you could end up paying peak period surge charges that push the cost up 2X to 9X the base rate.   Schedule ahead and use GroundLink for your transport to and from the airport. When you’re headed to the airport, it’s great to know your car will be there on time, usually a few minutes early. For airport pickups, include your airline and flight number when you book so your pick up time can be automatically adjusted to your actual flight arrival.

Avoid Weather Woes
Not only monitor your local forecast, but also download a weather app that will allow you to check the weather in your destination, in any connecting cities and even in the city where your flight originates.

Avoid Tight Connections
During the winter months, your connection is more likely to be jeopardized. Avoiding really tight connections may save you a sprint through the terminal or a missed flight.   Also, study your carrier’s route map to avoid connections in places more likely to experience delays — specifically, airports in colder/snowy climates.

Download Your Airline’s App and Confirm Your Departure Time Before Heading Out
Travel is frequently delayed or worse cancelled during the holidays so know before you go.

Check-In Before You Leave Home  
Avoid the long lines at the airport by checking-in online on your airline’s web site.  This will help you to avoid that dreaded middle seat and keep you out far from the throngs of holiday travelers.

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