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Historical Monuments Throughout Rome

You could spend weeks exploring Rome and its surrounding countryside but you would still only be scratching the surface of places, artifacts, and monuments to explore. If you only have a few days, though, the adage, “When in Rome…” is certainly one to latch on to: take advantage of the history and beauty that Rome offers to travelers, especially in the form of amazing Roman monuments.


Probably the most famous of Roman monuments, the Colosseum (or Amphitheatrum Flavium), was built in in the Roman Empire in 80 A.D. as an amphitheatre, and used for entertainment, including bloody games. It is a massive sized architectural feat and is considered one of the seven wonders of the world.


One of the best preserved buildings from Roman history, the Pantheon has been in continuous use since its original build in 27 A.D. Now a church, its massive dome structure and use of natural stone continues to awe visitors to Rome.

Spanish Steps

A famous, steep set of stairs in Rome, connecting two piazzas and dominated by a church at the top, the Spanish Steps are one of the best known structures in Rome. Now a  gathering place and well-located (the Trevi Fountain is nearby), the Spanish Steps are a definite place to visit on your trip to Rome.


Underground burial sites for Christians and Jews for centuries, the Catacombs of Rome extend throughout the city’s underbelly, creating real labyrinths that can go for miles. A visit to the catacombs, which means “next to the quarry”, is a fascinating way to learn more about Roman history.

Roman Forum  

The Roman Forum, also known as simply the Forum, is located in the center of Rome. Originally surrounded by other ancient government buildings, the Roman Forum was also at one point a marketplace. Now a sprawling series of ruins, it is still an eye-opening look at the architecture that was achieved so long ago.

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