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Safety Tips for Women Travelers

According to Solo Traveler, “American women ranked first in frequent solo travel, and are most likely to take three trips or more in a given year.” With the number of women travelers reaching an all-time high, women still find travel stressful, with rising issues like transportation and accommodation safety. Below, we have listed some of our top travel safety tips for women:


Be Cautious with Your Possessions

Always be sure to pack only the necessary items you need for your trip. Expensive jewelry, copious amounts of cash, and multiple electronics are not always needed to have a great trip. When traveling, be sure to keep all possessions with you. It’s a good idea to invest in a slash-proof bag or body wallet so you can divide your credit/debit cards and cash between what you carry to spend and what you need in case of an emergency. The items you can’t carry, lock them away at your hotel or place of stay.

Dress Like a Local

Wearing clothes that are not commonly worn where you are traveling (especially internationally) makes you stand out. This allows locals to know that you are a tourist which can capture the attention of the wrong people. Research the culture and what the local women tend to wear during the season of the time you are traveling. While it may still be evident that you are a traveling tourist, it will at least give a sense that you have been traveling to the area for quite some time.

Research Your Destination

In this instance, the internet is your best friend. Before your trip, research the area and hotel in which you are staying, transportation services available, and plan an itinerary. Look for places that have very high reviews, and see which areas you should avoid. See what recent travelers to the area are saying and if there are any negative trends. Make sure you have available amenities nearby, such as first aid and a market.


On Your Next Trip

Whether you are on a bus or train or in a chauffeured service, safety is always at the highest importance. Consider reserving transportation to the hotel and around the city ahead of time. This leaves you with the option to research services before your trip and see which companies operating in the area are reputable.

Providing the safest possible travel experience for our female passengers is mandatory here at GroundLink. Drivers undergo an extensive vetting process, which includes extensive background and employment history checks. Our drivers are fully insured, with a minimum of $6 million of coverage per incident. For added security, you have a full, hands-on view of your ride in real-time on the mobile app, and driver reviews from previous passengers.

Operating in over 110 countries and major cities worldwide, we hope to be your next destination’s safe and secure transportation service!

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