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San Diego: Tips for Visiting the San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is considered one of the best zoos in the entire world. With over 3,700 animals of more than 650 different species, it is a vast and beautiful locale for visitors to get a glimpse of a great deal of the world’s most amazing animals. It is also an incredibly popular destination for tourists and locals (it is a two hour drive from Los Angeles) so at times can be very crowded and difficult to navigate. Here are some top tips for visiting the San Diego Zoo and making the most of your time there.

Plan ahead

The San Diego Zoo is pretty massive. In order to hit all the exhibits and animals that you want to see (or at least, that you have to see if you are with children who are very specific about their favorite animals), research the park map in advance and plot out your route. You can also download the Zoo’s app so you can plan your visit truly on the go.

If you have kids, go in October

Kids can get into the Zoo for free in October. If you don’t have kids, think about another time of year as it will get very crowded. Normal ticket prices range from $56 for a one day pass for adults to much more with multi-day passes, special exhibits and memberships. The most important recommendation is to purchase tickets and print them out in advance.

Wear comfortable shoes, bring your own food, and come early

It goes without saying that you should be prepared to walk a LOT at any Zoo, no matter the size. With that in mind, comfortable shoes are a must. Along with comfortable shoes, bring your own food and water — there aren’t many options for food and those that are there will be crowded and expensive. You can also bring your own water bottle and refill it.

Arriving early is generally the best idea as well – animals are usually most active early in the morning, with the afternoons reserved for rest time. And rather than dealing with driving and parking, reserve your ride with Groundlink – have a comfortable trip to and from the San Diego Zoo and be able to enjoy the animals all day long.

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