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Study Shows Americans Find Business Travel Relaxing

When you send your road warriors out of town, you might find that the benefits are greater than just a day of face time with a client.

In a new study from Springhill Suites by Marriott, 63 percent of business travelers reported that they return to work feeling refreshed and productive after a business trip.

“25 percent of road warriors enjoy karaoke while traveling.”

Increased Productivity
The study showed that road warriors take advantage of their time traveling in a city full of strangers by enjoying activities that are outside their normal routines. For example, 25 percent reported singing karaoke and 14 percent adopted a fake foreign accent. A surprising 60 percent of business travelers surveyed said that they have created a new identity while traveling to go “undercover” during their free time.

The study showed that relishing in “me time” is also a perk of business travel. Nearly half of road warriors reported that they take advantage of the hotel pool or hot tub before retiring for the night, and 27 percent soak in a long, relaxing shower. The occasional culinary indulgence was also rated as a perk. The survey reported that 62 percent enjoyed splurging on a decadent meal while out on business.

Escaping daily chores at home could also explain some of the refreshment that road warriors experience after traveling. Travelers reported that business trips are a welcome escape from laundry duty, “honey do” lists and cooking.

Staying at a hotel with a pool or hot tub can help your road warriors unwind after a day of business meetings.Staying at a hotel with a pool or hot tub can help your road warriors unwind after a day of business meetings.

Improved Retention Rates
Sending your road warriors out of town provides them with more than just a chance to unwind. When multiple employees travel together, it supplies important opportunities for coworker bonding and team building, which create a better work environment when the group is back in the office.

Business travel can also increase loyalty to your company. In a 2012 survey by Business Travel News, more than 4 out of 5 travel managers reported that frequent travel had a positive impact on employees’ willingness to stay at the firm.

Minimized Stress
That’s not to say that business travel is without stress. The positive benefits of these trips can be negated by a number of logistical problems.

One way to minimize the stress caused by unforeseen complications is to have your road warriors use GroundLink’s black car service. Using GroundLink ensures that your employees don’t need to figure out ground transportation when they land, wasting valuable time.

“Your employees see business trips as welcome escapes from the daily grind,” said GroundLink CEO Liz Carisone. “Take the stress out of their transportation by using GroundLink’s airport car service. We can also transport your road warriors anywhere they need to be during their stay in the city, maximizing the time that they spend focusing on business.”

Providing your business travelers with GroundLink’s services ensures that they’ll travel efficiently and in style, creating a better experience and allowing them to concentrate their attention on the business portion of their travel.

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