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Study Shows Business Travelers Prefer Working in Cars

Arranging business travel isn’t just about getting road warriors from one location to the next. It’s about doing so while ensuring that travelers are safe and comfortable so they can remain productive. According to new research, all forms of travel are not created equal when it comes to creating these types of productive environments.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles
A new study by researchers in the United Kingdom suggests that a car provides the best environment for busy road warriors. The study found that business travelers report that it is easier to be productive when riding in a car than when traveling by plane or train.

“Business travelers have an easier time working in cars.”

The survey of nearly 700 business travelers revealed that cramped and noisy spaces while traveling make it difficult to get work done. From the survey responses, it seems that business travelers tend to have an easier time finding the room and tranquility they need in cars.

Only 13 percent of travelers on planes reported that they were able to complete “quite a lot” or a “great deal” of work and only 29% of travelers were productive while waiting in an airport.

While road warriors reported the second-highest levels of productivity when traveling by train, the researchers found that the ability to work well was largely dependent on whether the person was able to find a spot with enough room. More than half of train travelers reported that lack of space inhibited their ability to work. According to the Loughborough University School of Business and Economics blog, if travelers were unable to find a table on the train, they were often unable to accomplish as much.

Business travelers reported that airports and planes are difficult environments to be productive in.Business travelers reported that airports and planes are difficult environments to be productive in.

Consequently, a car provides greater certainty that the traveler will have the space that he or she expects, as well as the privacy and tranquility needed to create a distraction-free environment, increasing productivity while on the road.

Strategic Road Options
Taking advantage of GroundLink’s black car service ensures that business travelers have the peace, space and security to concentrate on work while in transit.  When they ride in GroundLink’s top-of-the-line cars, road warriors will find that an office isn’t the only space that caters to productivity. Use GroundLink’s car service app to arrange for easy and reliable transportation that’s sure to impress.

Looking for other ways to improve the productivity of your company’s travelers? To increase the productivity of road warriors, business managers can also purchase WiFi for their employees traveling on planes or invest in compact tablets for those who don’t have enough space for full-size laptops. Some airports also have lounge areas that could provide a better work environment for business travels who want to work while they wait for their flight but are discouraged by the noise and cramped conditions at the gate.

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