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How to Take Full Advantage of BRIO

This feature-packed platform is carefully designed for corporate travel and tailored for corporate travelers, based on extensive research and interviews with travel bookers, travel arrangers, and passengers. BRIO offers a robust ground management solution for travelers and travel arrangers, providing integration with online booking tools and travel management.

Corporate Dashboard

With a simple yet, powerful dashboard, BRIO provides travel arrangers, administrators, and travelers with all of the necessary tools needed for a great, headache-free trip in one easy-to-use interface.

Through the dashboard, you are able to monitor recent rides, edit or cancel upcoming rides, track ongoing rides on the map, see where your employees were last dropped off, oversee money spent within a specific time period, view any upcoming weather alerts, and much more. It is extremely easy to book return trips, to book repeated trips, and to change the details of a trip based on flight schedules, early arrivals, and delays.

The dashboard also makes it much easier to track groups of travelers who are traveling together at meetings or conferences and to control even small details of a passenger’s trip, such as stopping at a specific café or coffee shop.


BRIO gives you the ability to create customizable reports and expensing based on department, specific event, time, or individual passenger. These reports are typically generated through Excel or Adobe PDF, which allows you to segment and filter the information most needed. Download invoices for specific rides, or pull ride information such as pick-up and drop-off times and locations, total fare cost, car class, confirmation ID, and more. Your Account Executive/Manager can also provide additional reports based on specifics from your account.

These reporting features are designed to help you save time on paperwork and number-crunching, while also making it easier for managers and administrators to see opportunities for savings, greater efficiency, or problem-solving.

Duty of Care

In addition to providing an effortless and intuitive dashboard to help plan your travel, we are also committed to providing safe and secure services, from start to finish.

Providing the safest possible travel experience for your employees is mandatory here at GroundLink. To address security and duty-of-care best practices, GroundLink has protocol drivers must exceed. Drivers undergo an extensive vetting process, which includes appropriate registration, licensing, background and employment history checks. Our drivers are fully insured, with a minimum of $6 million of coverage per incident.

For added security, you have a full, hands-on view of any ride associated with your account in real-time. Get full visibility of both past travel and real-time travel details with a map, status alerts, and on-time ETA. Pinpoint exact location and status of your passengers, and instantly react to any surprises when they arise.

Having this vital information will provide peace of mind knowing your employees are safe and seamlessly traveling to their destination.

Travel Safely & Efficiently with BRIO

GroundLink is dedicated to providing companies and travelers with the best car service possible, through careful thought regarding the traveling experience, thorough reflection about how to make travel safe, and the embrace of the newest breakthroughs in technology. Find out how we can make corporate travel smoother and easier for your company through BRIO today.

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