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The Best Workout Tips For Business Travelers

Working out regularly and consistently is tough under any circumstances, but it can be extremely challenging for those of us that travel regularly for business. Fitting in calorie-burning and muscle-building can be extremely difficult if your schedule is packed with meetings and social events, and sticking to a routine is rough when the rest of your routine has gone out the window.


Here are our best tips for success when working out away from home

  • Try a walking tour. Walking is one of the very best forms of exercise, and it’s also one of the best ways to explore a new city. Consider walking to your next meeting, walking to find your next meal, or just walking around the area of your hotel to get a better feel for where you are. Also, don’t hesitate to do laps around the airport when waiting for flights.


  • Focus on exercises that leverage your body weight. You can get a surprisingly good workout in your hotel room, just by leveraging your body weight with moves like crunches, push-ups, dips, and lunges. You can also pack your yoga mat and practice anywhere with a flat surface as long as you are.


  • Locate the hotel gym right away. So much of getting regular exercise is about having a plan. Before you go to your hotel room, locate the exercise room/gym in your hotel, check it out, and decide what kind of workout you could do there. You can also check out the pool and see if it would be appropriate for swimming laps.


  • Exercise first thing in the morning. Work trips always have volatile schedules and it can be difficult to know exactly when you’ll have a significant break. For this reason, exercising first thing in the morning gets the chore out of the way and prevents any anxiety you might feel during the day as you worry about when you can find time to break a sweat.


  • Download apps to keep you on track. Today there is tons of technology to make sure our fitness goals are on track. You can track your steps, set goals, and watch your active minutes closely. There are also apps that provide you with easy, fast workouts, from high-intensity interval training to yoga, to lifting weights.


  • Consider a membership to a gym chain. If you travel to big cities often, consider getting a membership to a national gym chain so that you can take advantage of their locations across the country. Not only will you have access to a great area to work out, but you’ll also be super familiar with their set-up no matter where you are.


  • Find a workout buddy. Tons of studies have found that accountability is one of the best ways to keep exercising consistently. If someone you travel with also has a goal of staying fit, ask them if they’d like to plan something together, whether it’s a spin class or a walk around the city or a date at the hotel gym.


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