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The Dos and Don’ts of Traveling With Your Boss

Traveling with your boss can be intimidating. While the time together is a great opportunity to show your value to the company, it also can provide plenty of opportunities to commit a social faux pas. Before you book your flight, review this list of dos and don’ts to prepare yourself for a business trip with your boss.

“Dress professionally for all stages of travel, even the flight.”

Do dress appropriately for the flight.
When you travel for pleasure you may enjoy wearing comfortable attire when you’re onboard the airplane. But when you travel with your boss, different rules apply. Remember it is a business trip and to dress professionally for all stages of travel, even the flight. If you’re taking a red eye flight and will need to sleep, consider asking your boss what dress code is appropriate.

Don’t stress about ground transportation.
When traveling with your boss, you don’t need the additional stress of trying to find reliable ground transportation throughout the trip.  Don’t leave it to chance.  Depend on GroundLink’s reliable, best-in-class car service for all your ground transportation needs while traveling.

Well before the trip even starts, easily arrange for airport transportation to take you from the office to the airport, from the airport to the hotel, from your client’s office back to the airport, and from the airport back to the office.  And don’t forget to book point-to-point car service rides to take you from the hotel to your client meetings and dinner!

“The impression you make on your boss during a business trip is critical,” said GroundLink CEO Liz Carisone. “Let GroundLink’s car service help you make a good impression. Our professionally trained and vetted drivers and on-time every time pick-up guarantee are sure to impress your supervisor and keep you stress-free during your travels.”

Book rides today through the GroundLink website or via the GroundLink Car & Limo Service mobile app to experience the GroundLink difference.

Do show up first. 
Whether it’s a business meeting, hotel check-out or dinner with clients, CNN Money reported that you should always show up first.  Make sure you know the time and location of every step of your trip and arrive with plenty of time to spare.

“Don’t keep the boss waiting … you are responsible — whether they say it not — of keeping the itinerary,” Barbara Pachter, author of The Essentials of Business Etiquette, told CNN. “You don’t want to ask your boss, ‘where are we going?'”

Don’t overindulge.
There’s nothing necessarily wrong with enjoying a glass of wine with dinner when traveling for business. But there’s a difference between having a drink and overindulging. When you’re with your boss, it’s typically best to stick with a glass or two, even if you have a high tolerance for alcohol. The Huffington Post reported that the goal is to act professionally and appropriately, so if no one else is drinking, take your cue from the group and avoid it altogether.

A glass of wine with dinner is typically appropriate, but be careful not to push your limit. A glass of wine with dinner is typically appropriate, but be careful not to push your limit.

Do take advantage of the time. 
It’s probably not every day that you get so much time with your boss, so take advantage of it. Traveling together is a great way to show your supervisor what you’re capable of. Make sure that all of the travel details are taken care of far in advance and stay on top of everything while you’re on the road. Your boss will likely remember how helpful you were when you’re back at the office, which could be beneficial when you’re ready for a promotion.

Don’t get too comfortable.
While travel is a great opportunity to spend time with your boss, don’t let yourself forget who you are traveling with. When you spend a lot of time together you may let your guard down a bit, but the Huffington Post reported that it’s important to avoid sharing your problems or inappropriate personal details. Even if you have a good relationship with your boss, save the intimate conversations for a friend or family member. Take this time to build a relationship, but be sure that you’re cultivating a professional, not personal, one.


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