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The Most Fascinating Museums in DC

Visiting Washington, D.C. provides you and your family access to many museums, monuments, and historical sites. With a high percentage managed by the Smithsonian, access to a great deal of these is free, which provides visitors many choices for how to spend their time in the nation’s capital – a link to those is here. Other museums do require paid tickets but are among the best curated and managed in the world. Many have opened recently that rank high on the lists of “must sees”. Here’s a few of the ones that we highly recommend:

National Museum of African-American History & Culture

The National Museum of African-American History & Culture opened on the national Mall in 2016 and showcases the history of African-Americans in the United States. It includes the influences that African-Americans have had on the culture of the United States, as well as covers more difficult subjects including slavery. Tickets are free but on a timed basis, so signing up in advance is highly recommended.

Museum of the Bible

While not a part of the Smithsonian (and therefore with tickets you must pay for), the Museum of the Bible is one of the newest and most interesting museums in D.C. Covering the history of the Bible and its influence around the world for thousands of years, if you have an interest in religion and/or religious history, this is the museum for you.

National Archives

If you’ve ever wanted to see the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution up close, plan a visit to the National Archives. In a hushed, almost reverential atmosphere, you can take a look at the documents that shaped our nation.

National Building Museum

Have an interest in architecture or engineering? Housed in one of the most beautiful buildings in DC is the National Building Museum, which emphasizes the art surrounding design, creation and other aspects of our life we might not recognize as art.

Take advantage of the incredible museums in Washington, D.C. – you will find your feet are tired from the exploring, so plan to book Groundlink for your ground transportation needs.

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