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Tips for Adjusting to Another Culture

Culture shock is real, and it’s expected when you travel. But before you panic and think the shock will be long-lasting, don’t worry. Once you get past the initial shock, you’ll settle into culture adaptation. No matter how short of a trip you have planned, your switch from shock to adaptation will be swift and before you know it, you’ll have settled into the routines and feel (almost) like you are a native.

So how do you adapt smoothly? Once you get past the initial adrenaline rush of excitement of your travel, some stress might settle in. Here’s some tips on adjusting to another culture:

Be Prepared

It almost goes without saying: don’t go into any new situation blind. Even if you have only 24 hours to prepare, you can find relevant travel information all over the web. With more time, you can check out travel books from the library, download specific city maps, and buy or download an international dictionary. Study up on basic phrases, have an idea of ground transportation options, know where your hotel is in relation to the airport or train station, and, in general, be in the best possible knowledge position you can be.

Expect Differences

Another way to increase your culture shock and make your life difficult is to think that everything you are used to will be exactly the same anywhere you travel. That isn’t true domestically, and it definitely isn’t true internationally. Knowing that life operates differently outside of your comfort zone is a humbling experience but very important. You have to adjust how you travel, order food, shop, or talk to people – but even after a few days, it will become regular behavior.

Embrace Life

One of the best tips to adjusting to an another culture is to open your mind and embrace the way life is happening around you. So the activity is new? Enjoy the sights and sounds! The smells are different? Figure out what is it that makes it different. The people move at a slow pace? Match them step for step. There’s something very liberating about stepping outside your day to day life and either slowing down or speeding up.

Adjusting to another culture is just like any transition in life. It takes time, but with an open mind, it can be an incredible, life-altering experience. No matter where you travel, remember that it is easy to book ground transportation through Groundlink, providing quality, on time, and secure trips, guaranteed every time.

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