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Tips on How to Keep Your Car Fresh and Odor-Free

No one likes a smelly car! To ensure a comfortable, smooth ride, keep your car fresh and odor-free through the following tips:

Avoid Eating or Smoking Inside or Near Your Car

Eating and smoking inside the car can make for an unpleasant ride for your passenger. Eating inside the vehicle not only leaves a lasting food odor, but it could make a mess, or worse – perhaps trigger an allergy your passenger may have.

Smoking anywhere near the car can be just as bad as smoking inside. Avoid smoking on the job, as you’ll likely bring the smell back into the car with you. The smell of smoke can make it harder for your passengers to breathe, as well. It’s best to avoid, overall.

Open the Windows to Let Fresh Air Circulate While Waiting for Pickups

Driving with the windows rolled down for a few minutes before pickup is a great way to keep fresh air circulating through the car. This will likely rid the vehicle of any small, unwanted smells.

Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

This tip is critical. When driving, you are in a small space for multiple hours at a time which can result in body odor. You may not realize it, but when a new passenger gets into a small vehicle, they’ll likely recognize this unwanted odor instantly. To avoid this, remember to clean up before rides, wear deodorant, and roll down the windows in between trips.

Purchase Allergen-Free Air Neutralizers Like Ozium

Ozium is an air freshener spray that eliminates unwanted odors quickly and effectively. Ozium can be purchased from any car wash place and works wonders at neutralizing odors.

Hopefully, these tips weren’t a huge surprise to you. Follow these tips, and you’re bound to provide your passengers with a fresh, odor-free ride!

For more information, please visit www.driver.groundlink.com

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